Ladyslippers at Beaver Brook Association, Hollis, NH

Last update: 21-May-2001

I took some pictures of ladyslippers (Cypripedium) in May-2001 and May-2000 in four locations on three trails.  Becky and I saw the ladyslippers in Jun-1999 in two of the locations.  The ladyslippers are usually on the north sides of the trails.

In the map below, I marked in yellow the approximate locations where I've seen ladyslippers at Beaver Brook over the last three years along the Tupelo, Mary Farley, and Rocky Ridge Trails.  Click on the map for a wider view of this area of Beaver Brook.

    Rocky Ridge Trail (May-2000) 
                                        42 44.87 N  71 37.61 W
Tupelo Trail (May-2000)    Tupelo Trail (May-2001) 
42 44.87 N  71 37.61 W
42 44.80 N  71 37.86 W

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