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    These notes cover four BRAFFETT families primarily in North America. The information covered begins in southeastern New York (Counties of Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan) and nearby eastern Pennsylvania (Luzerne/Bradford County) in the late 1700s. The most common surname spelling covered is BRAFFETT, but BRAFFET and BRAFFITT also figure prominently. The general organization of these notes devotes a major section to each of the four families. The subsections for each family usually focus on a particular geographic area and often include information on related families. References, descendants, and researchers are included. Several subsections are left as placeholders for future additional information. For additional details in an online genealogy database which includes these Braffett descendants and related families, go to

    These notes were assembled with information provided by numerous people as detailed in the references including research James Matthew Braffitt Jr. started during World War II. The writer operates an informal BRAFFETT/BRAFFET/BRAFFITT exchange and genealogy database of BRAFFETT and related families. These notes are necessarily incomplete. Only a few of the county records have been explored in depth. The writer welcomes any correspondence related to BRAFFETT/BRAFFET/BRAFFITT descendants or ancestors.

    James BRAFFETT -- Rebecca GORE

    For the latest charts on this family, see

    Plainfield Township, Windham County, CT

    James Braffett is the first known Braffett of this family line. He and Gamaliel Jaqua came about 1792 from CT to the area that is now Burlington Township, Bradford County, PA. The only Braffett reference located so far in CT is a 1936 LDS sealing for the dead for James Braffitt which gives his birth and marriage (to Rebecca Gore) in Plainfield Township. There is a good deal of information on both the Jaqua and Gore families in CT.

    Burlington Township, Bradford County, PA

    In PA, James began improvements on the Morley farm and erected the first framed house in Burlington Township in 1804. He married Rebecca Gore whose father Silas was slain at the Battle of Wyoming. James and Rebecca had five children before James died about 1808. Luzerne County was formed from Northumberland County in 1786, and Bradford from Luzerne in 1810. Burlington Township was formed from Wysok Township in 1802. Most of the five children were born and some married probably in what is now Burlington Township, Bradford County, PA.

    After James's death, Rebecca married Joseph Bloom who occupied  the farm. Gamaliel Jaqua married Eleanor Campbell, daughter of James Campbell, and their son Judson married Lucinda Braffett, daughter of Rebecca and James. Gamaliel did not stay long in Burlington Township moving eventually to Preble County, OH. Rebecca, Joseph, and most of Rebecca's children moved to Harrison Township, Darke County, OH about 1826. Rebecca's oldest son Silas appears to have gone to OH earlier (by 1820) since he was married in 1820 in Darke County. Lucinda and Moses Calkins moved to OH after 1850. The descendants of James and Rebecca lived mainly in Darke and Preble Counties in OH and in the adjacent county of Wayne, IN. About 1847, Silas moved with his family to Grant County, IN. Three of Silas's children moved to Mercer/Grundy Counties in MO between the 1850s and the 1870s. From MO, descendants of Silas's son Orris moved on to Clinton, Custer County, OK, and Houston, TX, and AZ, NV, and CA. There is much tradition among descendants of James and Rebecca that this Braffett family is of French origin. There are similar traditions in the Jaqua family about the origins of the Jaqua family. It is not currently known how James Braffett is related to the other four Braffett families which appear to have their North American origins in the southeastern part of New York (Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties).

    Here's a brief outline of the children of James Braffett and Rebecca Gore:

    James Braffett
    b. abt 1763, Plainfield, Windham, CT
    d. abt 1808, prob. Luzerne, PA
    & Rebecca Gore
    b. 17 Jan 1776, Northumberland, PA
    d. 6 Aug 1859, New Madison, Darke, OH
    m. 1796, Luzerne, PA?
    | Lucinda Braffett
    |  b. 17 Sep 1797, Luzerne, PA
    |  d. 29 Apr 1885, New Madison, Darke, OH
    | & Judson Jaqua
    |  b. 1 Apr 1792, Columbia City, Columbia, NY
    |  d. 13 Apr 1878, prob. OH
    |  m. 15 Dec 1816, New Burlington, Bradford, PA
    | Silas Braffett*
    |  b. 28 Dec 1799, Luzerne, PA
    |  d. 24 Jul 1867, Mier, Grant, IN
    | & Mary Wood(s)
    |  b. 16 Jan 1799, VA
    |  d. 8 Mar 1866, Mier, Grant, IN
    |  m. 7 Dec 1820, Darke, OH
    | Silas Braffett*
    |  b. 28 Dec 1799, Luzerne, PA
    |  d. 24 Jul 1867, Mier, Grant, IN
    | & Sarah Jane
    |  b. abt 1830, OH
    |  d. aft 1868
    | Alfred Braffett
    |  b. 12 Nov 1802, Burlington, Luzerne, PA
    |  d. 28 Apr 1866, Preble, OH
    | & Eliza Long
    |  b. 16 Oct 1804, Wilmington, Windham, VT
    |  d. 20 Jan 1886, Preble, OH
    |  m. 24 Dec 1823, Burlington, Bradford, PA
    | Eveline Braffett
    |  b. 9 May 1805, Burlington, Luzerne, PA
    |  d. 15 Sep 1882, New Paris, Preble, OH
    | & Moses Calkins

    Darke and Preble Counties, OH

    Lucinda BRAFFETT -- Judson JAQUA

    The following account of the early life of Judson and Lucinda is from First Ladies of Indiana and The Governors by Margaret Moore Post (1984) which gives details on the parents of Eliza (Jaqua) Gray, wife of Indiana Gov. Issac Pusey Gray. Judson Jaqua, son of a cooper, was born 01-Apr-1792, at Columbia City, New York.

    When Judson was 15, the family moved to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and lived with his parents until he was 21. The family was not wealthy, and he had just 12 days of schooling. In Bradford County, he met Lucinda Braffett, whose father died when she was 11. During her teens she worked as a hired girl for two and a half years for 75 cents per week. On 15-Dec-1816, when he was 24 and she 19, they were married. On their 50th wedding anniversary, 1866, Judson wrote about their early life. Ten months after their marriage, they began a pilgrimage westward, driving an ox team as far as the Allegheny River. There they sold the team and wagon (on credit). After a brief rest, they came on a flat boat down the Allegheny to Pittsburgh, where they lost their boat because of high water. They had only about $200. They joined some other people in building a raft, and after a perilous trip down the Ohio, reached Cincinnati in 1817, a year and a half after they started. They were almost out of money, but they hired a team and moved to Warren County, Ohio, six miles east of Lebanon, into an old log cabin which had no chimney and no doors. By then the couple had one bushel of corn meal and fifty cents in cash; but they cut wood, fixed the cabin and grew and hunted food. With several other families of Connecticut Yankees they moved in Apr-1819 to Darke County, OH, and called their settlement Yankeetown. Judson bought land from the government for $1 per acre. He was a persevering worker and a leader in the community. He helped to get schools, was a watch and clock repairman for the village and made all the shoes for his large familiy.

    Silas BRAFFETT -- Mary WOODS

    Silas Braffett was born in what is now Burlington Township, Bradford County, PA in 1799, possibly named for his grandfather Silas Gore who was killed at the Battle of Wyoming. Silas moved to Harrison Township, Darke County, OH probably about 1820 when he married Mary Wood(s) who was born in 1799 in VA. Silas helped lay out the town of Braffetsville in Harrison Township. Silas and Mary had 12 children before the family moved to Richland Township, Grant County, IN about 1847 when Silas bought land in Richland Township. The family appears in the 1850 and 1860 federal census records for Richland Township. Mary died in 1866 and Silas died in 1867. Some of their descendants resided in Sims Township. Silas possibly remarried a Sarah Jane who appears as the widow of Silas Braffet in an Aug-1868 Grant County deed. Silas was appointed guardian of the children of James and Lydia St. Clair in 1866. The relationship of Silas to Lydia or James is not known. Three of the children of Silas and Mary (John, Minerva, and Orris) migrated to Grundy and Mercer Counties, MO between the mid 1850s and teh mid 1870s. Their descendants are detailed in the sections that follow on Grant County, IN, Greenville, Bond County, IL, Grundy and Mercer Counties, MO, Clinton, Custer Couty, OK, and Houston, Harris County, TX.

    Alfred BRAFFETT -- Eliza LONG

    Evaline BRAFFETT -- Moses CALKINS

    Minerva BRAFFETT -- Rial LAWRENCE

    One of Minerva's and Lawrence's daughters married a Miller.

    Grant County, IN

    John BRAFFETT -- Elizabeth WOOD

    Minerva BRAFFETT -- William WOOD

    Orris BRAFFETT -- Teressa HERNDON

    Greenville, Bond County, IL

    Orris and family stopped briefly in Greenville, Bond County, IL on their way from Indiana to Missouri. Here in Illinois, son Frank Wesley was born.

    Grundy and Mercer Counties, MO

    Some descendants of Silas and Mary stayed in Missouri, and others went west.

    Clinton, Custer County, OK

    Frank Wesley BRAFFETT -- Sarah Marie Stanturf

    Kingman, Mohave County, AZ

    Benjamin Herndon BRAFFETT -- Mary Elinore Mckenzie

    Virgil Casey BRAFFET -- Mary Lou

    Casey Braffet (, a grandson of Mary Lou and Virgil Casey Braffet, had a web site for this family. The web site is archived at

    Houston, Harris County, TX

    James Richard "J. R." BRAFFETT -- Edith Smith

    Joshua BRAFFETT -- Mary MAPES

    For the latest charts on this family, see

    Joshua Braffett is the first known Braffett of this family line. Joshua and Mary Mapes (daughter of Henry Mapes of Monroe, Orange County, NY) were married probably in Orange County, NY. In the will of Henry Mapes written 20-Oct-1812 and proved 04-Mar-1823 in Goshen, Orange County, NY, he leaves "my grandson, Hezekiah Braffit, the sun of $20." It is believed that this Hezekiah Braffit is the same Hezekiah Braffett that married Elizabeth Newbury.

    Orange County, NY

    Hezekiah BRAFFETT -- Elizabeth NEWBURY

    Hezekiah Braffett was born in New York, probably in Orange County. Elizabeth  Newbury is listed in most references as having been born in New York. One census record gives her birthplace as Ireland. Hezekiah and Elizabeth had at least five children, all probably born in Orange County, NY.

    The family of Hezekiah and Elizabeth is ennumerated in the 1840 census (Blooming Grove Township), 1850 census (Hamptonburgh Township), and 1860 census again in Blooming Grove Township. The spelling of Hezekiah's name in the 1850 census Braffey hints at the early pronunciation of the name. Hezekiah is not found in the census after 1860. An Elizabeth Braffitt (age 62 and b: Ireland) is listed in the 1865 NY state census for the 2nd District. In the 1870 federal census for Blooming Grove Township, Elizabeth is listed in the household of her son Joshua.

    Here's a brief outline of the children of Hezekiah Braffett and Elizabeth Newbury:

    William Henry Braffett
    b. 11 Dec 1834, Hamptonburgh, Orange, NY
    d. 6 Apr 1911, Newburgh, Orange, NY
    & Anna Gilmore
    b. 15 Apr 1842, Ballymena, Antrim, Ireland
    d. 31 Mar 1918, Newburgh, Orange, NY
    m. abt 1866
    | William Henry Braffett
    |  b. May 1870, Orange, NY
    |  d. Aug 1950, prob. Orange, NY
    | & Elizabeth Thorp
    |  b. 9 Sep 1880, NY
    |  d. May 1971, Middletown, Orange, NY
    |  m. abt 1896, prob. Orange, NY
    | Eleanor E. Braffett
    |  b. abt 1873, Orange, NY
    | & Blair
    | Katherine Braffett
    |  b. 27 Jun 1880, Orange, NY
    |  d. 8 Jul 1949, prob. Orange, NY
    | & Charles C. Dusenberry
    |  b. 11 Oct 1878, NY
    |  d. 8 Apr 1942, prob. Orange, NY
    | Mary Ann Braffett
    |  b. Aug 1882, Orange, NY
    |  d. 19 Feb 1925, prob. Orange, NY
    | & Coleman
    | James Matthew Braffitt Sr.
    |  b. 25 Sep 1884, Craigville, Orange, NY
    |  d. 20 Jan 1948, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
    | & Ada Catharine Mosher
    |  b. 24 Dec 1894, Newton, Middlesex, MA
    |  d. 23 Jan 1978, Middlesex, MA
    |  m. 24 Mar 1913, Newton, Middlesex, MA

    William Henry BRAFFETT Sr. -- Anne GILMORE

    William H. Braffett enlisted in Company C, 56th Regiment NY Volunteers on 16-Aug-1861. He was discharged 17-Oct-1865 after having served 4 years, 2 months, and 1 day. He is listed in the History of Orange County, 1881, as one of the people who served in the "War of 1861-1865". He is listed as a laborer in Blooming Grove in A. V. Boak's 1879 Orange County, New York. A picture taken about 1891 in Craigville, Orange County, NY shows the family including five children. The Jun-1990 Federal Census of Civil War Veterans and Widows for Blooming Grove, Orange County, NY lists William H. Braffet as a re-enlisted veteran with a post office address of Craigville, Orange County, NY. He died in 1911 in Newburgh, Orange County, NY, where he had lived for the previous four years.

    The Gilmore family is from County Antrim, Ireland.

    Middlesex County, MA

    James Matthew BRAFFITT Sr. -- Ada Catherine MOSHER

    The origin of the name change from BRAFFETT to BRAFFITT in this family came about from James Sr.'s voting records. The family lived primarily in Newton, MA and Watertown, MA. Dorothy Jane (Braffitt) Greer lives with her family in Framingham, MA.

    The Mosher family is from Nova Scotia.

    Fulton County, GA

    James Matthew BRAFFITT Jr. -- Dorothy Nadine Cook

    Julie (Braffitt) Southworth, daughter of James Matthew Braffitt Jr. and Dorothy Nadine Cook, lives in Atlanta, Fulton County, GA with her family.

    Montgomery County, VA

    James Matthew BRAFFITT Jr. -- Dorothy Nadine Cook

    Donald James Braffitt, son of James Matthew Braffitt Jr. and Dorothy Nadine Cook, lives in Blacksburg, VA with his wife Rebecca Will and daughter Sarah Elizabeth Will.

    Hillsborough and Rockingham Counties, NH, eastern MA, and ME

    Several descendants of Robert Gilmore Braffett live in southern NH, eastern MA, and ME.

    John BRAFFET

    John Braffet is the first known Braffet of this family line. A John Braffet appears in the following census records:

    The descendants of this family seem to have fairly consistently used the spelling BRAFFET although the Mark BRAFFETT -- Rose KING branch of DeKalb County, IL uses the BRAFFETT spelling. The family is thought to be of Scotch ancestry. Numerous marriages occurred into families of Scandinavian ancestry (Icelandic, Swedish, and Norwegian)

    Orange County, NY

    James BRAFFET -- Melissa A. FURMAN

    For the latest charts on this family, see

    The primary reference in Orange County, NY for this family is the 1850 Blooming Grove Township census which lists Jas. Braffet (age 48) and Jas. H. Braffet (age 18), both blacksmiths. Maria Braffet (age 32) is also listed (possibly Melissa (Furman) Braffet). In Monroe Township, Mary A. Braffet is listed (age 18) in the 1850 census. Mary might be one of two other children of James Braffet and Melissa Furman in addition to Dr. James H. Braffet.

    Lee County, IL

    Dr. James H. BRAFFET -- Ellen Savilla BILLINGS

    James and Melissa Braffit are listed in the 1870 Melugin Grove, Lee County, IL census adjacent to the family of their son, Dr. James H. Braffit. Dr. James H. and Ellen Braffit are listed with their children Nellie, John, Charles, and Mark. Most of the early information on both the father and grandfather of Dr. James H. Braffet is summarized in the following portrait which appears in Portrait and Biographical Record of Lee County, Illinois:

    James H. Braffet, M. D., of Paw Paw, is well known as one of the leading physicians of Lee County, whose skill, success in practice, and learning place him well at the head of his profession. He was born in the town of Florida, Orange County, N. Y., October 16, 1834. His father, James Braffet, for many years an honored citizen of this county, was born in Monroe, Orange County, July 22, 1802, a son of John Braffet, who is supposed to have been a native of that county also, and there he spent his last years. He is thought to have been of Scotch ancestry. When the father of our subject was five years old, his father took him to Orleans County, in his native State, and bound him out to a farmer, with whom he was to live until he turned twenty-one. In the meantime he was to have his board and clothes, and when he became of age was to have a new suit of cluthes, ten dollars in cash, and a horse, saddle and bridle. When he was eighteen years old, he bought his time in order to serve an apprenticeship to learn the trade of a blacksmith, but when he was twenty-one, the old farmer generously gave him the horse that he had promised him. At the close of his apprenticeship, he did journey working different places and finally at Newburg, Orange County, and carried on business in that county until 1855, when he came to Illinois to identify himself with the pioneers of this county, as he wisely thought that skilled mechanics would be in demand in a young and growing country. He came by rail as far as Earlville, then the nearest railway station, and after his arrival he established himself at his calling at East Paw Paw. He carried on business there until 1863 , when he removed to Melugin's Grove, and opening a shop there, was actively engaged as a blacksmith for several years. When the railway was completed throughBrooklyn Township, he took up his residence at the village of Compton, being one of its first settlers, and there he lived retired until his death, in April, 1888. The maiden name of his wife was Melissa A. Furman. She survives him and still make her home at Compton. She is also a native of Orange County, N. Y., and a daughter of Josiah Furman,who was born in the Empire State, and was of German ancestry. Mrs. Braffet and her husband were for many years members of the Methodist Eipscopal Church, but she now belongs to the Presbyterian Church, and is held in great esteem by all who know her. Our subject is the only survivor of the three children born to his parents. He was given liberal educational advantages, obtaining his knowledge of thecommon branches in the public schools of his native county, and he subsequently became a student at Chester Academy which he attended four years. While there he paid particular attention to mathematics and civil engineering, with a view of preparing himself for West Point. He successfully passed the examination required of those desiring admission to that institution, and receiving the endorsement of Mr. Wheeler, there representative to Congreess from the district in which he lived, his ambition seemed about to be realized, when his parents so strenuously objected to his entering military school, that he gave up his cherished dream of becoming a cadet, and turned his attention to the study of medicine under the instruction of Dr. C. P. Smith, of Chester, N. Y. He defrayed part of the expenses of his education by teaching, and alternately taught and attended school, and engaged in surveying. He came to Illinois with his parents in 1855, and taught the first term ofthe East Paw Paw Seminary. He devoted his leisure to his medical studies, and in the winter of 1861-1862 attended a course of lectures at Rush Medical College, at Chicago. He still further prepared himself later on by attendance at Bellevue Hospital College, New York City, in the winter of 1868-69, and was graduated from there in the Class of '69. He had already practiced medicine successfully, and went back to his work with renewed vigor. He had first established himself at East Paw Paw, and had gone from there to Melugin's Grove in 1862. In 1875 he opened an office at Paw Paw, and has remained here ever since, acquiring an extensive and lucrative practice. By identifying himself with various medical societies and by careful reading, he keeps well abreast of the times in his profession, to which he is devoted, and his patients feel that safety and confidence under his care that a true physician ever inspires. He is a member in good standing of the North Central Illinois Medical Association, of the Illinois State Medical Society, of the American Association, and in 1887 he became a member of theInternational Medical Association. He is also conected with the Masonic fraternity, of which he has been a member since 1858, but at the present time non-officiating; and of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which he joined in 1881, and is a camp member. Dr. Braffet was happily married in 1860 to Miss Ellen S. Billings, who was born near Detroit, Mich., and is a daughter of James and Mrs. (Serville) Billings. They have seven children, namely:  Nellie, John, Charles, Mark P., Harvey, William and Essie. Nellie married Sidney Stevens, of Beardstown, Cass County. John is superintendent of a vineyard in Tulare, Cal. Charles is a compositor on the Boston Daily Post. Mark is in the chief dispatcher's office, Rio Grande & Western Railroad, at Schofield, Utah Territory. The three younger are students.

    Ellen "Ella" Savilla (or Serville) Billings was the daughter of James Billings and Miss Felt. Two references give her birthplace as Richmond, Macomb County, MI. 1910 census records for Ellen and her children Nellie N. and Howard J. along with the death certificate for her son Mark Pomeroy all point to Wisconsin as Ellen's birthplace. Bill Acheson (, a Billings descendant, thinks the Wisconsin connection is because several Billings family members moved to Downsville, Wisconsin. In the 1910 census for Paw Paw Village, Wyoming Township, Lee County, Ellen Braffett is widowed (mother of 9 children, 6 still living) and living with her widowed daughter Nellie N. (Braffet) Stevens and Nellie's two daughters Connie Stevens and Helen N. Stevens. This family is living near the family of Ellen's son Howard J. Braffit, a printer.

    Here's a brief outline of the children of Dr. James H. Braffet and Ellen Savilla Billings:

    Dr. James H. Braffet
    b. 16 Oct 1834, Florida, Orange, NY
    d. bef 1911, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, CA?
    & Ellen Savilla Billings
    b. 13 Jul 1841, Richmond, Macomb, MI
    d. aft 1909, res. Lee, IL
    m. 19 Sep 1860, East Pawpaw, Lee, IL
    | Nell(ie) N. Braffet
    |  b. abt 1864, Brooklyn, Lee, IL
    |  d. 19 Aug 1925
    | & Sidney Stevens
    |  d. bef 1911, prob. Lee, IL
    |  m. bef 1893, prob. Lee, IL
    | John Braffet
    |  b. abt 1866, Brooklyn, Lee, IL
    |  d. abt 1896
    | Charles C. Braffet
    |  b. Mar 1868, Brooklyn, Lee, IL
    |  d. aft 1900, res St. Francois, MO
    | Mark Pomeroy Braffet
    |  b. 12 Apr 1870, Brooklyn, Lee, IL
    |  d. 2 Jan 1927, Price, Carbon, UT
    | & Hannah Johnson
    |  b. abt 1873, Iceland
    |  d. 6 Dec 1938
    |  m. abt 1891
    | James Harvey Braffet
    |  b. abt 1871, prob. Lee, IL
    |  d. aft 1898
    | & Minnie "Dolly" Kidney
    |  b. IL
    |  d. Sep 1940, Eaton, Preble, OH
    |  m. abt 1892, Lee, IL?
    | Howard J. Braffet
    |  b. abt 1875, prob. Lee, IL
    |  d. aft 1909, res. Lee, IL
    | & Vertie M.
    |  b. abt 1882, IL
    |  d. aft 1909, res. Lee, IL
    |  m. abt 1907, prob. Lee, IL
    | Effie Braffet
    | William Braffet

    James Harvey BRAFFET -- Minnie "Dolly" KIDNEY

    The information on these descendants is mostly from Descendants of Orsamus & Betsy (Herrington) Kidney by Guy & Joy Kidney, 1973. Guy & Joy Kidney based most of their information on these descendants on 1973 letters and information from Clifford Paul and Alice T. (Magnusson) Braffet, and Olive Guilda. These notes list James Harney Braffet, and no indication is given in the notes that James Harney Braffet is, in fact, James Harvey Braffet. The death certificate for son Mark Frances Braffett gives his father's names as Harvey Braffett. The death certificate for son Clifford Paul Braffet gives his father's name as Harvey Braffet as does information from the wife of James's older brother Mary Pomeroy. These facts coupled with the timeframe, the location, the name Mark for both the child of James Harvey and Dr. James H., and the fairly consistent spelling BRAFFET all point to the probability that this James is in fact the son of Dr. James H. Braffet.

    Minnie "Dolly" Kidney supposedly died Eaton, Preble County, OH, but no death certificate has been located for her. She and James had four children, all born Pawpaw, Lee County, IL: Bertha BRAFFET, Mark Frances Braffett, and twins, Clifton BRAFFET and Clifford Paul BRAFFET. Minnie is buried Pawpaw, Lee County, IL.

    Bertha BRAFFET -- Ed OLSON

    Ed Olson (born Stavanger, Norway, died and buried DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL) and Bertha Braffet were married 24-Nov-1915 Baker, IL and had three children: Roy Edward Olson, Mildred Olson, and Hazel Olson. Roy Edward Olson was born Shabbona Park, La Salle County, IL. Mildred Olson married first 16-May-1936 Raymond W. King and second Bert Holle. Hazel Olson married first 11-Sep-1937 Glen Coan and second Francis Farthing.

    Roy Edward OLSON -- Nora Bell NEPEAN

    Roy Edward Olson and Nora Bell Nepean (born Anderson County, KY) were married 21-Nov-1947 DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL where their three children (Lonnie Edward Olson, Rosemary Olson, and Carolyn Sue Olson) were born. Rosemary Olson married George King. Carolyn Sue Olson married 28-Oct-1966 Charles Simpson.

    Mark Frances BRAFFETT -- Rose KING

    Mark Frances BRAFFETT and Rose KING (born Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky, daughter of John and Mary (Stratton) King) were married 03-Jul-1920 Sycamore, DeKalb County, IL. Both their children were born DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL. Helen L. Braffett married first Ekdahl and second 24-Oct-1958 Noble Ray Clark. Robert E. Braffett married 21-Nov-1947 Bernice Moore. In 1973, Alice T. (Magnusson) Braffet wrote Guy and Joy Kidney:

    We spell our name with 1 T Braffet. Mark and his son spell with 2 T Braffett. I don't know why. Down at the cemetery the old timers spell it with 1 T. Mark was a truck driver and served in World War I. He died in DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL and is buried there in Fairview Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

    Clifford Paul BRAFFET -- Alice T. MAGNUSSON

    Clifford Paul Braffet and Alice T. Magnusson (born Sweden, daughter of Martin Magnusson and Amelia G. Larson) were married 28-Apr-1923 in Sycamore, DeKalb County, IL. Clifford was a farmer. He died in Sandwich, DeKalb County, IL and is buried at Fairview Memorial Gardens Cemetery, DeKalb, DeKalb County, IL.

    James Clifford BRAFFET -- Alberta Marie GRISWOLD

    James Clifford "Pat" Braffet and Alberta Marie Griswold (born Plano, Kendall County, IL, daughter of Wayne Jay Griswold and Katherine Emily Vilmin) were married 30-Jul-1947. James was a farmer and factory worker. They had four children: Gary Eugene Braffet (born Aurora, Kane County, IL), Craig Martin Braffet (born DeKalb, Dekalb County, IL), James Alan Braffet (born Mendota, La Salle County, IL), and Curtis Paul Braffet (born Sandwich, DeKalb County, IL).

    Gary Eugene BRAFFET -- Laurie P. BOURDON

    Gary Eugene Braffett and Laurie P. Bourdon were married 17-Jun-1966. They had two children both born Sandwich, DeKalb County, IL: Steffanie Ann Braffet8 and Terrance Eugene Braffet8. Gary and Laurie are now divorced.

    Price, Carbon County, UT

    Mark Pomeroy BRAFFET -- Hannah JOHNSON

    The following portrait of Mark P. Braffet, written about 1916, is from Prominent Men and Pioneers of Utah:

    Mark P. Braffet, attorney-at-law, and president of the Salt Lake Stock &Mining Exchange, ranks high in both legal and mining circles. Hiselection to the presidency of the local exchange in January, 1916, was a tangible recognition of his knowledge of mining. His knowledge of law, especially of that relating to mining operations, was recognized a number of years ago when he was retained as attorney by the Utah Fuel company, one of the largest fuel concerns in the United States, and by its subsidiaries. Mr. Braffet was born at Malugin's Grove, Lee county,Illinois, and is the son of Ella S. Billings-Braffet and Dr. James H.Braffet. Mr. Braffet came to Utah in 1891, after he had become convinced that this state offered the best field for a young man starting out in life. He settled in Carbon county and served as county clerk and recorder in 1895-96. During that time he applied himself diligently during his spare moments to the study of law, with the result that he was admitted to the bar. Information about coal minng gained while in Carbon county proved of great value when he was made attorney for theUtah Fuel company. Mr. Braffet is interested in the Paloma and a numberof mining companies. He is director of the May Day Mining company, the Lower Mammoth Mining company and the Uncle Sam Mining company. He is a member of the executive committee of the Utah Chapter of the American Mining Congress. The Alta club claims him as a member. Mr. Braffet is married his wife's maiden name having been Hannah Johnson. The following children were born to the union: R. I., 22 years old; Maude, 20, and James H. Braffet, 18. Hannah Johnson was born Westland, Iceland, the daughter of Einar Johnson. Mark Pomeroy Braffet died of pneumonia Price, Carbon County, UT. Mark and Hannah are buried Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, UT.

    The Utah Historical Quarterly; Spring 1990, included a portrait of Mary Braffet by Nancy J. Taniguchi:

     A January 1927 obituary announcing the death of Mark Braffet, recognized him "as a political power in Carbon County". This was a modest understatement. For over a dozen years Braffet had virtually ruled the county by controlling the votes of the employees of the Utah Fuel Company, the major coal-mining subsidiary of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. From his power base in the legal department of UFC he manipulated first the judiciary and, later, city and court officials to meet his company's audacious political and financial goals.

     Braffet maintained his ascendancy, enriching himself and his employers, until his "friends" turned on him. Local independent (non railroad-affiliated) coal operators could never permanently remove him from power, despite their alliance with the Progressive party, active as nationwide reformers in the early 1900's. He remained in command until corporate infighting eroded his power base. His acerbic pesence etched an impression on Carbon County politics that long outlasted the man himself.

     Braffet was a man of decisive preferences who decided early on who his friends were. He joined the colorful crowd who exercised free rein in eastern Utah, often without benefit of law. When he arrived in Utah from Illinois in the late 1800's, he settled in Scofield, then one of Carbon County's largest towns. He began his local poliitical career by serving as the first Carbon County clerk in 1894. Then he struck up a friendship with C.L. "Gunplay" Maxwell, a notorious outlaw of eastern Utah. In 1897 Braffet and Maxwell liberated accused thieves from the custody of the sheriff at Scofield.

     Whatever The hidden corporate reasons for Braffet's rise and fall, his reign had long-time political repercussions within Carbon County. It is still the stronghold of the Democratic party in Utah, despite Republican ascendancy of the rest of the state. Although most political scientists have attributed this aberratioin to the support won by the Franklin Roosevelt administration with the passage of the Wagner Act allowing unionization, the negative Braffet legacy is also a factor. For years he ran the county for the Utah Fuel company under the banner of the Republicans. When the union arrived only sixteen years after Braffet's release, many of the electorate remembered all too well theunsavory reign of Carbon County's "king". The miners, freed by union strength from having to vote the will of the bosses, were undoubtedly doubly delighted to support the organization traditionally opposed to the party of "King"Braffet.

    Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

    The information on the descedants of Mark Pomeroy Braffet and Hannah Johnson is primarily from notes L. Vadeina (Gifford) Whitley made of a 1960s phone conversation she had with Mrs. Robert Ingersol Braffet of Gardena, Los Angeles County, CA. The notes include a list of the children of Dr. James Harvey Braffet. Mrs. Braffet said that their immediate family were the only Braffets in America. She said a man in Nevada, a counterfeiter assumed the Braffet name. The Braffets she mentioned included Mark P. Braffet, a telegrapher and attorney, who was self educated and died in Price, UT; Robert Ingersol Braffet, a mechanical engineer born Nov-1893 died 1958 CA; James Harvey Braffet of Watsonville, CA, an attorney and physician from Pawpaw, IL, father of Mark P. Braffet; Nell and Effie Braffet, daughters of James Harvey Braffet; Maude V. (Braffet) Waring who lived 680 Sutter, San Francisco, CA, phone 36980; Robert Mark Braffet, son of Robert Ingersol Braffet, who was married and divorced and said to have hemophilia; Joeen Lynn Braffet born 04-Jan-1948 Lynwood, CA, dauther of Robert Mark Braffet; John Braffet, son of James Harvey Braffet, who did not marry and died age 30; and Charles, Harvey, and William Braffet, all sons of James Harvey Braffet. Some of the family were Baptists, and the family became alienated from one another.

    Robert Ingersol BRAFFET -- Mary E.

    Robert Ingersol was a mechanical engieer and aircraft inspector for Northrop Aircraft. He lived in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, CA. He died of lung cancer at Gardena, Los Angeles County, CA and was cremated at the Sunnyside Crematory.

    James William BRAFFETT -- Lucretia KING

    For the latest charts on this family, see

    James William Braffett is the first known Braffett of this family line. There is some debate as to his given name (James or William). The descendants in this family line have consistently used the BRAFFETT spelling. Much of the information on this family is from an FGS on George Washington Braffett prepared by LaDean Sherwood Mellor and from information collected by L. Vadeina (Gifford) Whitley.

    Lumberland, Sullivan County, NY

    William Wiban BRAFFETT

    William Wiban Braffett appears in the 1830 and 1850 Lumberland, Sullivan County, NY censuses. Besides these census records and some later Pike County, PA census records, the only other reference so far collected on this family is a list of names from the bible of Rene Paul Braffett (died 1941). Only a few of the relationships among the names listed in the bible are given - most must be inferred from the order of listing when matched with the limited additional information available from the census records. One speculation is that William is the older brother of Hezekiah Braffett. William had a grandson named John Henry Braffett, and Hezekiah named a son William Henry Braffett. In both cases, the name Henry might be from Hezekiah's father Henry Mapes.

    Except for the children of Edwin William Braffett (born 1885), no specific parent-child relationships are listed in the bible record. The relationship of Margaret, Richard James, Jennie E., and Frank W. in the chart is the speculation most likely to be in error. L. Braffett (born about 1840) is the only person in the chart above NOT listed in the bible record Lumberland, Sullivan County, NY The 1830 census for William Braffett shows a female aged 20-30, but no other reference for this woman that was probably the wife of William has been found. The 1830 census also indicates that William may have had at least 3 sons. John Braffett who appears in the 1880 Lackawaxen, Pike County, PA might be the third son, but no mention of the family of John is made in the bible of Rene Paul Braffett. The 1850 Lumberland, Sullivan County, NY census has Joseph Braffet, a blacksmith, living alone and Wm. living in the household of Elisha Braffet, a lumberman. This census for Elisha is the only direct evidence linking William Braffett to either Elisha or Joseph. A female (initial L.) living in Elisha's household does not appear in the bible record but might possibly be a younger sister of Elisha. Elisha's wife of 2 years (Sarah M. Casle born CT married 23-Feb-1848, daughter of Joseph Casle) does not appear in the household, but their oldest child Henrietta (born 24-Dec-1848 NY) is listed.

    Here's a brief outline of the children of William Wiban Braffett:

    William Wiban Braffett
    b. abt 1800, NY
    | Joseph Braffett
    |  b. 30 Jun 1821, NY
    |  d. 10 Jun 1884
    | & Margaret Dailey
    |  b. 1829
    |  d. 28 Aug 1881
    | John Braffet
    |  b. abt 1823, NY
    | & Catherine
    |  b. abt 1856, NY
    | Elisha Braffett
    |  b. 1 Apr 1833, NY
    |  d. 29 Mar 1904
    | & Sarah M. A. Casle
    |  b. abt 1833, CT
    |  m. 23 Feb 1848
    | L. Braffett
    |  b. abt 1840, CT

    Lackawaxen, Pike County, PA

    Elisha next appears in the 1880 Lackawaxen, Pike County, PA census with his wife Sarah and children Flora E. (born 05-Sep-1868 NY), Serenes (born 24-Mar-1871 NY), and Arties (born 1876 PA). Thus it appears that the family moved from NY to PA sometime between 1871 and 1876. However, the bible record indicates that Elisha's son Wm. J. Braffett was born 16-Apr-1858 Lackawaxen, Pike County, PA. This is the only place reference in the bible other than Arthur Braffett's death place of Brooklyn, NY (died 28-Feb-1916 age 39). The relationship of John Braffet who is living nearby in 1880 (household 67/67) to Elisha Braffett is not known. The 1900 Lackawaxen census lists James Braffett (born Jan-1870 OH), a teamster. Both his parents were also born OH indicating a possibility that he is a descendant of James Braffett and Rebecca Gore.

    Ulster County, NY

    James William Braffett was born about 1772 (about 1784?) in Ulster County, NY (or possibly Thornhill, Yorkshire, England) and died in 1812 in Dacketts Harbor. His parents may have been Edwort Breffoert and Roedy Comstock. He married Lucretia King (daughter of James King and cousin to George Washington). Their son William Wiban Braffett was born in 1795 in NY. Their son George Washington Braffett was born either 1801 or 1804 in Shandaken, Ulster County, NY.

    Onondago County, NY

    George Washington BRAFFETT -- Amanda DAVIS

    George Washinton Braffett married Amanda Davis who was born in Pompey, Onondago County, NY. Her birthdate is given as Mar-1797 and 02-Apr-1805 in two references. From her church death record, he birthdate would be computed as Mar-1787. Their first two children, Edward and Loren, were born in Onondago, Onondago County, NY. Their remaining children were born in NY, probably mostly in Oswego County, NY. Information on the family of George Washington Braffett and Amanda Davis is primarily from an FGS prepared by LaDean Sherwood Mellor. Oswego County, NY The family of George Washington Braffett and Amanda Davis moved from Onondago County, NY to Oswego County, NY between 1822 and 1829. Nauvoo, Hancock County, IL and Iowa Territory The family of George Washington Braffett and Amanda Davis is listed in the 1840 census for the Territory of Iowa. He lived in Mt. Pisgah, Iowa and helped move members of the LDS church across the Mississippi River until it became too dangerous to return to the Illinois side of the river. He was a cooper (maker repairer of barrels). Amanda and her two youngest children (Lucinda and Henry) died between Aug-1844 and Sep-1844 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, IL. Utah George Washington Braffett lived in Kimball Valley, Kane County, UT, American Fork, Utah County, UT, and supposedly Parowan, Iron County, UT before moving to Levan (near Nephi), Juab County, UT where he lived in a small house by his daughter, Lucretia Hofheins until his death. He is listed in the 1850 census for Salt Lake County, UT. He went down to Parowan with son Horace at the request of Brigham Young and was again listed in the 1850 census, this time in Parowan, Iron County, UT. The 1850 UT census was actually taken early in 1851. George Washington Braffett married Sarah Ann Webber, widow of Ethan Allen Moore, on 02-Dec-1852 in the H. C. Kimball House. He died 1886 Levan, Juab County, UT and is buried Levan Cemetery, Lot 56, Section 2E1/2.

    Here's a brief outline of the children of George Washington Braffett and Amanda Davis:

    George Washington Braffett
    b. 1 Feb 1804, Shandaken, Ulster, NY
    d. 5 Jan 1887, Levan, Juab, UT
    & Amanda Davis
    | Edward Braffett
    |  b. 10 Apr 1818, Onondaga?, Onondaga, NY
    | Lor(e)(a)n Braffett
    |  b. 1822, Onondaga?, Onondaga?, NY?
    | George W. Braffett
    |  b. abt 1826, NY
    | Amanda Lucretia Braffett
    |  b. 23 May 1830, Oswego, Oswego, NY
    | Lucinda Braffett
    |  b. 6 Mar 1835

    Horace BRAFFETT -- Harriet MEREDITH

    Horace Braffett (Bravat) was born in NY; Harriet Meredith was born in England. They had three children: two born England and one born UT. This family appears in the Farmington, UT records. L. Vadeina (Gifford) Whitley has more details on this family.

    Almira Ann BRAFFETT -- Henry Dill GIFFORD

    Almira (or Elmira) Ann Braffett was born in 1829 in Oswego County, NY. Henry Dill Gifford (son of Alpheus Gifford and Anna Nash) was born in 1825 either in PA or Ulster County, NY. They married 05-Nov-1848. The both died in Woodville, Bingham County, ID and are buried in Idaho Falls, Bonneville County, ID. Details on this family are from a pedigree chart for their granddaughter Lala Vadeina Gifford. Their son Levi Samuel Gifford was born 03-Jul-1870 in Manti, Sanpete County, UT. He married 06-Dec-1894 Sarah Elizabeth James (born 23-Feb-1877 Anabella, Sevier County, UT, daughter of William E. James and Emma Prudence Hale). Levi died 11-Mar-1954 in Prescott, Yavapai County, AZ, and Sarah died 07-Jun-1956 in Phoenix, Maricopa County, AZ. They are both buried in Mesa Cemetery, AZ. Their daughter Lala Vadeina Gifford was bon 10-Nov-1917 in Lehi, Maricopa, AZ. She married 30-Jun-1936 James David Whitley (born 30-Jun-1916 in Happy, Swisher County, TX, died 19-Apr-1984 Lebanon, Linn County, OR, buried Lewis Cemetery by Foster Lake, Linn County, OR.

    Amanda Lucretia BRAFFETT -- Jacob HOFHEINS

    Jacob HOFHEINS, son of Johann Michael Hofheintz and Elizabeth B. Kornmuller, was born in 1812 in Rueppur, Karlsruhe Baden, Germany.

    Other BRAFFETT families

    Some of the information on these other BRAFFETT families was collected by L. Vadeina (Gifford) Whitley.

    England and Belgium

    The following place names are taken from The Times Index - Gazeteer of the World:

    Braffe - Belgium Brafferton - Durham, England Braffetton - Yorkshire, England Braffield on the Green - England


    The IGI lists numerous BRAFFET(T)/BRAFFIT(T) families in Yorks, England.

    Stephen BRAFFITT -- Rebecca SEDGEWICK

    Stephen Braffitt and Rebecca Sedgewick were both born in Rothwell, Yorkshire, England were they were married 18-May-1740.

    Joseph BRAFFIT -- Hannah CASH

    Joseph Braffit and Hannah Cash were married 15-May-1758.

    Mary Braithwaite and Thomas Taylor were married 09-Apr-1780. Elizabeth Braithwaite and John Preston were married 05-Aug-1790.

    Joseph BRAFITT -- Ann SALLOW

    The Banns Publication lists the marrirage of Joseph Brafitt and Ann Sallow as Aug 13, 20, 27 1780-1781 in Thornhill, Yorkshire, England.

    William Braithwaite was baptized in Flockton, England.

    Joseph BRAFFETT -- Alice DUNFORD

    Joseph Braffett and Alice Dunford were married 20-Jun-1788 in Thornhill, Yorkshire, England. The reference for this family is the Thornhill, Yorikshire, England Register, Book 71, from the records of Lydia D. Alders.

    Nanny Braithwaite was born in Flockton, England.

    North Carolina


    The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Record lists a John Braffett of Edenton, Chowan County, NC and Beaufort, Carteret County, NC.

    Arthur BRAFFITT

    Arthur Braffitt (possibly spelled Braffett) is listed in the 1810 NC census, p. 33.



    Early Virginia Immigrants 1636 lists Ann Barfoote.

    Kent, St. Paul's Parish, MD

    John and Elizabeth BRIFFETT

    John Briffett, son of John and Elizabeth Briffett was born 01-Oct-1714 in Kent, Saint Paul's Parish, MD.

    Orange County, NY

    Edtwort BREFFOERT -- Roedy COMSTOCK

    Ulster County, NY

    Joseph BRAFSETT

    Joseph Brafsett is listed in the 1800 Marble, Ulster County, NY census (age 45 and over) with three male children (1 10-16 and 2 under 10). One of the younger male children might possibly be William Braffett (born about 1800) of Sullivan, Lumberland County, NY who named a son Joseph Braffett. Joseph might also be a brother to Joshua Braffett of Orange County, NY, father of Hezekiah Braffett. There are also numerous Joseph Braffett's in England.

    Jasper and Barry Counties, MO


    The IGI lists 4 BRUFFETT marriages in Jasper County, MO, 2 BRUFFETT births in Jasper County, MO, and 1 BRUFFETT marriage in Barry County, MO.

    Tooele, Tooele County, UT

    Orson BRAFFETT and James BRAFFETT

    The Tooele County History includes a short biography of Orson Braffett which says that Orson was the first white settler to be killed by the Indians in Tooele Valley. He was supposedly "standing guard" against further attacks from the Indians and fell asleep on his horse and was killed by an Indian. Also, James Braffett and his wife and five children were among the first settlers of Tooele Valley and settled on a little creek, but due to impossible conditions existing at that time, left. There is speculation that Orson and James are related to George Washington Braffett.


    Locality References

    Plainfield, Windham County, CT

    16-Dec-1936 LDS sealing for the dead for James Braffitt
    b:ABT 1763 Planfield,Windham,CT
    m:1785 Rebecca Gore, Plainfield,Windham,CT

    Wantage, Sussex County, NJ

    1793 (John Braffet)
    Canandaigua, Ontario County, NY
    1820, p. 25 (John Braffet)

    Orange County, NY

    1800, p. 381 (John Braffet)
    1840 Bloming Grove, p. 28 (Hezekiah Braffet)
    1840 Windsor, p. 60 (James Brafatt)
    1850 Hamptonburgh, p. 156, 1417/1427
    1860 Blooming Grove, 105/101
    1865 (NY state) 2nd District, 71 (Joshua), 111 (Elizabeth)
    1870 Blooming Grove, 88/86 (Joshua and Elizabeth), 240/233 (Wm. and Eleanor)
    1880 Blooming Grove, 83/85 (Charles), 84/85 (William H. and Annie), 85/86 (Joush)
    Jun-1890 (Federal Census of Civil War Veterans and Widows) Blooming Grove (William H. Braffet)
    1900 Blooming Grove, 279/291 (William H. and Lizzie), 280/292 (William and Anne G.), 419/454
    (Mary C.), 428/464 (Katie)
    1910 Chester, 3/4 (William H. and Elizabeth)

    IGI - Julie Ann Newberry m: John Gilderoy Runyan 04-Jul-1841 Monroe

    Will Book G, p. 78 (Henry Mapes: written 20-Oct-1812; proved 04-Mar-1823)
    A. V. Boak's Orange County, New York, published 1878 at Newburgh, NY by D. S. Lawrence & Co, p. 442
    Craigville, Blooming Grove residents: Wm. H. Braffet and Mrs. Elizabeth Braffet
    History of Orange County, New York, Vol. 2, 1881, p. 643 (Blooming-Grove)
    Wm. H. Braffit served Co. C, 56th Regiment NY Volunteers; enlisted 16-Aug-1861
    Picture taken about 1891 in Craigville showing family of William H. Braffett Sr. with five children
    06-Apr-1911 Newburgh death certificate for William H. Braffitt
    Lists parents (mother b:NY) and residence as 128 Brodway, 2nd Ward.06-Apr-1911 Newburgh death
    certificate for William H. Braffitt
    Calvary Cemetery, Monroe
    William H. and Annie Braffett

    Lumberland, Sullivan County, NY

    1830 - p. 18 (William Braffet)
    1850 - 72/72 (Elisha and Wm. Braffet), 130 (Joseph Braffet)

    Ulster County, NY

    Bradford County, PA

    1800 Wysok Township, Luzerne County, p. 207
    1810 Burlington Township, Lycoming County, p. 861
    1820 Burlington Township, Bradford County, p. 106
    1850 Burlington Township, Bradford County, p. 46

    History and Geography of Bradford County 1615-1924, p.341
    History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania 1770-1878
    pp. 109, 288, 291, 424
    Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pennsylvania 1770-1800 (1913) by Clement F. Heverly
    Vol I: pp. 4, 121-122, 202, 240, 247, 267, 280-281, 301
    Vol II: pp. 193-194, 385
    The Settler (Bradford County, PA)
    Vol. II, No. 2, Dec-1953, p. 41 - Gore
    Vol. II, No. 4, Nov-1954, p. 119 - James and Gamaliel Jaqua

    Lackawaxen, Pike County, PA

    1880 - 67/67 (John Braffet), 120/121 (Elisha Braffet)
    1900 - 212/215 (James Braffett b:OH)

    Bible record from old bible of Rene Paul Braffett (d:1941) transcribed by William A. Wasson

    Darke County, OH

    1830 Harrison Township, p. 18
    1840 Harrison Township, pp. 23-24
    1850 Harrison Township, p. 357 (63/65 - 68/71)

    Marriage Book 1, p. 9
    Silas BRAFFETT and Mary WOODS
    Minerva BRAFFITT and Royal LAWRENCE
    Greenmound Cemetery, New Madison
    LAWRENCE: Celinda, Rial and Minerva (BRAFFETT)
    Yankeetown Cemetery, New Madison Township
    Land records (Section 34 1821-1842)
    17-May-1833 plat for Town of Braffetsville (Bk. D-1, p. 292)
    BLOOM: Rebecca and Keziah A.
    HOSSAFOUS, Welthy A. (JAQUA)
    JAQUA: Judson & Lucinda, Allen, Perry, Morris, G. M. G.
    SNODGRASS, Ladessa
    Genealogical and Biographical Record, 1900
    pp 557-559: Daniel MILLER and Rebecca LAWRENCE

    Hamilton County, OH

    History of Hamilton County, Ohio, 1881, by Henry Ford, p. 174
    Charles Braffitt, 5th Ohio Cavalry (existed Aug-1861 - Oct-1865) was a Saddler Sergeant in the 3rd

    Preble County, OH

    1840 New Paris, p. 167
    1850 Somers, p. 308 and Jefferson, pp. 484, 485, 489

    17-Mar-1855 marriage for Gamaliel Jaqua (son of Darius) and Christina Thomas
    Old New Paris Cemetery, New Paris
    BRAFFETT: Alfred and Eliza, Charles F., Mrs. Nettie L., Alva G., Mrs. Kath and J. L., Sarah Ann,
    Eddy A.
    IRELAND: John F. and Jane L. and Mary J.
    JAQUA: Gamaliel
    1866 will and 1866-1867 probate for Alfred Braffett
    22-May-1935 Eaton Register-Herald "Early Settlers in Preble"

    Grant County, IN

    1850 Richland Township, pp. 211-212
    1860 Richland Township, 750/750-751/751

    Marriage Book C
    BRAFFETT: John, Lavina, Evaline, Celinda, Marinda
    Land records
    Deed Book G, p. 234 - Silas bought land 08-Dec-1847
    Deed Book 3, p. 159 - Sarah Jane Braffett - widow of Silas Braffett 24-Aug-1868
    Numerous other deeds to Silas and Mary Braffett and their children

    Wayne County, IN

    1866 photograph of Alfred Braffett

    Bond County, IL

    DeKalb County, IL

    Death Record
    #77 012333 - Clifford Paul Braffet

    Lee County, IL

    Marriage Record
    James H. Braffet m:19-Sep-1860 Ellen Savilla Billings in Pawpaw (IGI A458645 0406)

    1870 Melugin Grove, Brooklyn Township
    1910 Paw Paw Village, Wymoming Township

    Portrait and Biographical Record of Lee County, Ilinois, published by Chicago Biographical
    Publishing Co. (977.31 L47P), pp. 433-434
    Biographical sketch of James H. Braffet, M. D.

    DeKalb County, IL

    Death Certificates
    #1210 for Mark Frances Braffett
    #77 012333 for Clifford Paul Braffet

    Burial Records: Fairview Memorial Gardens Cemetery, DeKalb: Mark Frances Braffett and Clifford
    Paul Braffet

    Grundy County, MO

    Census: 1860, 1880, 1900

    History of Grundy County, 1908
    Laredo, MO 1887-1987

    Mercer County, MO

    Census: 1860, 1880, 1900

    Clinton, Custer County, OK

    Houston, Harris County, TX

    08-Mar-1987 Austin American-Statesman listing of Texas Treasury unclaimed money fund
    R. L. Braffett from Houston


    Prominent Men and Pioneers of Utah
    Biographical sketch and picture of Mark P. Braffet

    Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, UT

    Birth records (IGI)
    Elizabeth M. Braffet b:15-May-1855, daughter of Horace Braffet and Harriet Meredith (5003119 26)

    Marriage records (IGI)
    Lucretia Braffett m:31-Jan-1852 Jacob Hoffheins (M183395 0381)
    George Washington Braffit m:02-Dec-1852 Sarah Webber (M183395 1249)
    Almira Ann Braffett m:29-Nov-1862 Henry Dill Gifford (M183395 6899)

    Sketches of the Inter Mountain States, Utah, Idaho, and Nevada 1847-1909. Published by the Salt
    Lake Tribune Publishing Co., 190 (Gen R979 S627).
    p. 23: M. P. Braffet, general solicitor, Salt Lake City, of the Utah Fuel Company

    Levan, Juab County, UT

    Obituary for George Brafford from Deseret Weekly News 36 (09-Feb-1887) 51

    Price, Carbon County, UT

    Death certificate #2700498 for Mark Pomeroy Braffet

    Prominent Men and Pioneers of Utah, 1916
    Sketch of Mark P. Braffet which includes his picture

    Utah Historical Quarterly; Spring 1990, volume 58, Number 2, by Nancy J. Taniguchi.
    Portrait of Mark P. Braffet.

    Gardena, Los Angeles County, CA

    Death certificate #58-068904 for Robert Ingersol Braffet


    Early Virginia Immigrants 1636 by Richard Cocke & Co., p. 21
    Ann Barfoote

    North Carolina

    1810 p. 33 (Arthur Braffi(e)tt)

    England and Belgium

    The Times Index - Gazeteer of the World published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston
    Braffe, Brafferton, Brafield place names


    Yorks IGI
    LDS FGRA: Stephen Braffitt and Rebecca Sedgewick, both born and married in Rothwell, Yorkshire,
    England, and children. Submitted by Elvira B. Sudweeks

    Surname References

    BILLINGS Family

    25-May-2001 email from Bill Acheson ( on Ellen Savilla Billings.
    This email references a family history written by his great aunt Nell Rosseter.

    CALKINS Family

    Genealogy of the Calkins Family (1949) by Mrs. Turney Sharps

    JAQUA Family

    FRI 7148 from Nancy C. Robinson for Gamaliel Jaqua

    KIDNEY Family

    Descendants of Orsamus & Betsy (Herrington) Kidney by Guy & Joy Kidney, 1102 18th Street, West
    Des Moines, IA 50265, Nov-1973 with additional notes Dec-1977.
    This book includes descendants of Minnie "Dolly" Kidney and James Harney Braffet.

    MAPES Family

    The Mapes Family in America (1962), edited by Frank Mapes Ham, p. 10, 16
    Hezekiah Braffitt was son of Mary Mapes (b: 13-Jun-1757) and Joshua Braffit



    50697 (1904) for Mrs. Clara Barton Jaqua Meck, p. 313
    71768 (1908) for Mrs. Genevra Jaqua Hawkins, p. 273
    72495 (1909) for Mrs. Estella Hawkins Faul, p. 174
    72496 (1909) for Mrs. Sarah G. Hawkins Fulton, p. 174
    72499 (1909) for Mrs. Zillah P. Hawkins Jones, p. 175
    77822 (1910) for Mrs. Mary Stakebake Hinshaw, p. 305
    77824 (1910) for Mrs. Ann E. Stakebake, p. 307
    81918 (1910) for Mrs. Magnolia Jaqua Uplinger, p. 342
    119978 (1915) for Miss Ina Jaqua, p. 303
    153169 (1920) for Mrs. Melissa T. Miller Miller, p. 50
    153170 (1920) for Mrs. Minnie Miller Shepherdson, p. 50
    153291 (1920) for Mrs. Alice Ruth Jaqua Mitchel, p. 85
    Patriot Index (1966), p. 110 (Calkins), p. 276 (Gore), p. 366 (Jaqua)

    Letters, FGSs, Pedigree Charts

    Information collected by James Matthew Braffitt Jr.

    1940s letters from William A. Wasson (grandson of Alfred Braffett) to James Matthew Braffitt Jr.

    10-Sep-1970 letter from LaReah to L. Vadeina (Gifford) Whitley

    FGS from L. Vadeina (Gifford) Whitley for James Braffett and Rebecca Gore

    FGS for Silas Braffett and Mary Woods prepared by Mrs. Fina Florence
    Davidson of Livergston, MT from personal records kept by Benjamin F.
    Wood, grandson of Silas, of Laredo, Grundy County, MO

    Pedigree chart for Maude V. (Braffet) Waring prepared by L. Vadeina
    (Gifford) Whitley from research done ABT 1965 L. Vadeina (Gifford)
    Whitley's notes from her 1960s phone conversation with Mrs. Robert
    Ingersol Braffet

    Census Records

    NJ/NY/MA and Pike, PA

    1793 Wantage,Sussex, NJ
             BRAFFET, John

    1800 Orange, NY, p. 381
             BRAFFET, John
              males:          1 26-45
              females: 1 <10, 1 26-45

    1820 Canandaigua, Ontario, NY; p. 225
             BRAFFET, John   1 in agriculture
              males:          1 >45
              females: 1 <10, 1 >45

    1830 Lumberland, Sullivan, NY, p. 19
             BRAFFETT, William
              males:   1 <5, 2 5-10,          1 30-40
              females:               1 20-30

    1830 Olive, Ulster, NY, p. 132
             BRAFSET, Joseph Jun.
              males:   1 <5,         1 40-50
              females: 1 <5, 1 5-10, 1 40-50

    1840 Blooming Grove, Orange, NY, p. 28
             BRAFFET, Hezekiah

    1840 New Windsor, Orange, NY, p. 60
             BRAFATT, James

    14-Sep-1850 Hamptonburgh, Orange, NY, p. 156
    1416/1426 DUSENBERRY, Daniel   16 NY     Labourer
    1417/1427 BRAFFEY, Hezekiah    46 NY     Labourer
              Elizabeth            46 NY
              James W.             18 NY    Labourer
              Joshua               22 NY
              William              16 NY
                Veulda? A.         14 NY
    1418/1428 COLEMAN, William N.  40 NY       Farmer $8000 (and family)

    27-Jul-1850 Monroe, Orange, NY, p. 287
    301/301  BRAFFET, Mary A.      18 NY

    30-Aug-1850 Blooming Grove, Orange, NY, p. 339
    312/312  BRAFFET, Jas.         48 NY    B Smith $500
              Maria                32 NY
             BRAFFET, Jas. H.      18 NY    B Smith

    1850 Lumberland, Sullivan, NY
    72/72    BRAFFET, Elisha       22 NY    Lumberman       [20-Jul; p. 5]
              L.                   10 NY    (female)
              Henrietta             2 NY
              Wm.                  50 NY

    130/130  BRAFFET, Joseph       25 NY    Blacksmith      [23-Jul; p. 10]

    1860 Blooming Grove, Orange, NY
    8/8      BRAFFETT, Jas.        38 IR    Laborer

    105/101  BRAFFIT, Hezekiah     59 NY    Laborer         [06-Jun; p. 16]
              Elizabeth            57 NY
              William H.           26 NY     Laborer
              James W.             21 NY    Laborer
              Hannah?              23 NY

    1865 Blooming Grove, Orange, NY State Census
    10       BOFFAT?, Henry Ford                             [05-Jun]

    1865 2nd District, Orange, NY State Census
    71       BRAFFITT, Joshua      33 Orange,NY Laborer (single)  [05-Jun]

    111      BRAFFITT, Elizabeth   62 Ireland $200 wood (7 child.) [19-Jun]
             HEARD, Charles         5
              William               3

    1870 Blooming Grove, Orange, NY, P.O. Box Turners
    88/86    BRAFFIT, Joshua       40 NY    Farm Laborer $1000/$500
              Elizabeth            66 NY    Keeping House
              Charles              10 NY
                                                              [09-Sep; p. 30]
    240/233  BRAFFAT, Wm. A.       45 NY    Farm Laborer /$200
              Elleanor             23 IR    Keeping house /$400
              Wm. H.             1/12 NY    b:May

    1880 Blooming Grove, Orange, NY, Vol. 75,ED 2,Sh 9,L 16
    83/85    BRAFFETT, Charles     20 NY NY NY Farm Laborer
    84/84    BRAFFETT, William H.  45 NY NY NY Farm Laborer
               Annie             W 37 NY IR IR Keeping house
              William H.         S 10 NY NY IR
              Ella E.            D  7 NY NY IR
    85/86    BRAFFETT, Joush       52 NY NY IR Laborer

    1880 Lackawaxen, Pike, PA, Vol. 60,ED 240,Sh 13,L 21
    67/67    BRAFFET, John         57 NY NY NY Laborer      [10-Jun; p. 8]
              Catherine          W 24 NY NY NY Keeping house
              Sarah E.           D  6 NY NY NY
              John N.            S  3 NY NY NY

    120/121  BRAFFET, Elisha       52 NY NY NY Laborer      [14-Jun; p. 13]
              Sarah A.           W 47 CT CT NY Keeping house
              Flora E.           D 12 NY NY CT
              Serenes             S 8 NY NY CT
              Arties              S 4 PA NY CT

    1890 Blooming Grove, Oranage, NY veterans, SD 4, ED 24, P.O. Craigville

    76/79    BRAFFET, William H., Private Co. C, 56th NY Vols
              16-Aug-1861 enlisted
              17-Oct-1865 reenlisted veteran (4 yr. 2 mo. 1 day)

    18-19-Jun-1900 Washingtonville Village, Blooming Grove, Orange, NY
                                        SD 10, ED 1, p. 13, line 93
    279/291  BRAFFITT, William H.  30 NY NY IR May-1870 Track Hand RR m:3
              Lizzie             W 19 NY NY NY Sep-1880           2/2 m:3
              Victoria           D  2 NY NY NY Nov-1897
              Josephine        D 1/12 NY NY NY Apr-1900
    280/292  BRAFFITT, William     67 NY NY NY Nov-1832               m:34
              Anne G.           W  58 IR IR IR Apr-1842 U.S. 1860 6/5 m:34
              James              S 15 NY NY IR Sep-1884

             MILLER, James
             DUSENBERRY, Charles C.21 NY NY NY Oct-1878 Plumber single nephew
              Hattie L.            18 NY NY NY Nov-1881 Diskwasher single niece

    397/428  DUSENBERRY, J. Frank 43 [p. 19; 23-25-Jun]
              Alice              W 41 NY NY NY
              Russel             S 10 NY NY NY
              Raymond             S 7 NY NY NY
              Ruth                D 3 NY NY NY
              Everill             S 1 NY NY NY

    419/454  BRAFFITT, Mary C.     17 NY NY IR Aug-1882 Servant single [p. 20; 25-Jun]

    428/464  BRAFFITT, Katie       18 NY NY IR Jun-1881 Servant single [p. 21; 25-26-Jun]

    1900 Deerpark Township, Orange, NY
             CODY, William
             BRAFFET, Arthur Sep-1876    boarder

             BRAFFET, Charles Apr-1860 NY residence Middletown,Orange,NY

    1900 #1249 Centre St., Newton, Middlesex, MA, ED 407, Sh 10, L 4
             MOSHER, Alfred M.     40 Oct-1859 Can NA
              Sadi               W 32 Sep-1866 Can NA
              Edna                D 6 Jul-1893 Can NA
              Ada                 D 5 Dec-1894 MA
              Alfred              S 2 Nov-1897 MA
              Giles           S 11/12 Jun-1899 MA

    15-Jun-1900 Lackawaxen, Pike, PA
    212/215  BRAFFETT, James       30 OH OH OH Jan-1870 Boarder / Teamster

    1910 Chester, Orange, NY
    3/4      BRAFFET, William H.   37 NY NY IR m1:13 Railroad Track Walker [15-Apr]
              Elizabeth          W 34 NY US US m1:13 3/3
              Victoria           D 11 NY NY NY
              Josephine           D 8 NY NY NY
              Anna                 D 5 NY NY NY

    84/91    COLEMAN, Mary J.     49 widowed


    1800 Wysok, Luzerne, PA, p. 207
             BRAFFET, James
              males:   1 <10, 1 26-45
              females: 1 <10, 1 26-45

    1810 Burlington, Lycoming, PA, p. 861
             BRAFFET, Reb. widow
              males:   1 <10, 1 10-16
              females: 2 <10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45

    1820 Burlington, Bradford, PA, p. 106
             BLOOM, Joseph

    1830 Harrison, Darke, OH, p. 18
             BLOOM, Joseph
              males:                 2 10-15, 1 15-20,          1 30-40
              females:               1 10-15,                   1 40-50

             BRAFFETT, Silas
              males:   3 <5, 2 5-10,                   1 20-30, 1 30-40
              females:                                          1 30-40
         [note: is the 20-30 male possibly Alfred living with his brother?]

    1840 Harrison, Darke, OH
             BLOOM, Joseph                                           [p. 23]
              males:                 1 10-15, 2 20-30, 1 50-60, 1 60-70
              females:                                          1 60-70

             BROFFIT, Silas                                          [p. 24]
              males:    1 <5,        1 10-15, 3 15-20,     1 30-40
              females: 1 <5, 4 5-10,                       1 30-40

    1840 New Paris, Preble, OH, p. 167
             BRAFFIT, Alfred

    27-Aug-1850 Somers, Preble, OH, p. 300
    989/996  BRAFFIT, Howard L.    35 IN      Cooper $500
              Hannah               27 OH

    1850 Jefferson, Preble, OH
    1461/1461 BRAFFET, James L.    25 OH      Physician $100 [p. 484; 11-Oct]
              Catharine            22 OH
              Frances               9 PA

    1467/1467 BRAFFETT, Orlando    21 PA      Merchant      [p. 485; 12-Oct]
              Sarah                20 OH
              Eliza              7/12 OH
              Ambrose               2 OH

    1533/1533 BRAFFET, Alfred      48 PA     Merchant $1200 [p. 489; 13-Oct]
              Eliz.                46 NY
              Chalres              17 OH     Clerk
              Wreadville           13 OH     (female)
              Volney                8 OH

    1850 District 31, Harrison, Darke, OH
    63/65    LAWRENCE, Richard     52 PA     [and family]   [p. 357; 14-Nov]
    64/66    HART, Dennis          57 CT     [and family]
    65/68    BLOOM, Joseph         58 NY     Farmer $9000
              Rebeca               74 PA
    67/(90?) JAQUA, Judson         58 NY     Farmer $3500
              Lucinda              53 PA
              Eliza                22 OH
              Ladefsa              19 OH
              Morris               18 OH     Farmer
              Allen                15 OH
              Lenifsa              12 OH
              Cafsius M. C.         8 OH
    68/71    LAWRENCE, Riale       48 PA     Farmer $3600   [p. ; 15-Nov]
              Minerva              43 PA
              Ralph                23 OH     Farmer
              Rebecca              21 OH
              Celinda              18 OH
              Emily                15 OH
              Obidiah              10 OH
              Estephen              4 OH

    1860 Darke, OH

    1860 Preble, OH


    08-Aug-1850 Sims, Grant, IN, p. 207
    47/47    BRAFFITT, James       26 OH     Farmer $500
              Lydia                27 OH
    48/48    SLAGLE, Conrad        69 VA     Farmer $32
    49/49    WOOD, William         21 IN     Farmer $600
              Levina               19 OH
              Mary               1/12 IN
    50/50    HEVERLAND, Joseph     38 NJ     Farmer $600
              Margaret             40 VA
              Charles              12 OH
              Emily                11 OH
              John                  8 OH
              Lucy E.               3 OH
              BRAFFITT, Rexaville   2 IN

    15-Aug-1850 Richland, Grant, IN
    95/95    SLAGLE,Joseph         32 OH      Farmer $800         [p. 211]
    96/96    BRAFFITT, Silas       50 PA      Farmer $1500
              Mary                 51 VA
              Evaline              17 OH
              Celinda              15 OH
              Marinda              15 OH
              Orris                13 OH
              Rebecca              11 OH
              David                 9 OH
    97/97    BRAFFITT, John        22 OH      Farmer
              Elizabeth            17 IN
              Sarah              1/12 IN

    114/114  SINCLAIR, James       43 OH      Farmer $1000        [p. 212]
              Lydia                33 OH
              Sarah A.             14 IN
              David W.             11 IN
              James M.             10 IN
              Jackson B.            8 IN
              Nathan                6 IN
              Braffitt              1 IN
              Sithera            1/12 IN
              Nancy A.             16 OH

    116/117  HARNDEN, Jeduthon     59 MA

    13-Jul-1860 Richland, Grant, IN, p. 114/344, P.O. Mier
    750/750  WOOD, William         32 KY      Farmer /$300
              Marinda              23 OH
              Benjamin              3 IN
              Urildah               1 IN
    751/751  BRAFFITT, Silas       60 PA      Farmer $5000/$500
              Mary                 62 VA
              Rebecca              21 OH      House hand
              David                19 OH      Laborer
              Oneada                9 IN
    752/752  SLAGLE, Joseph        37 OH      Farmer (and family)

    762/762  HEARNDON, Benjamin    41          (and family)       [p. 116]

    19-Aug-1870 Sims, Grant, IN; p. 209; P.O. Mier town
    132/130  WOOD, William         43 KY      Farmer $6400/$1100
              Merinda              35 OH      Keeps House
              Ben                  13 IN      Works on Farm
              Rexaville             9 IN
              Sherman               4 IN
              Frank                 1 IN

    07-Oct-1870 Richland, Grant, IN, p. 10, P.O. Box Mier
    68/68    BRAFFET, Sarah J.     40 OH      Keeping house $300/$160

    1880 Richland, Grant, IN, ED 167, Sh 15, L 44
             BRAFFETT, Sarah       50 OH
             BAGLEY, Marion      S 22 IN
             BAGLEY, SÈqua       S 19 IN
             JEMPER, John        S 28 IN
             JEMPER, Lydia       GD 8 IN

    1880 126 8th St., Richmond, Wayne, Wayne, IN, ED 72, Sh 19, L 10
            BRAFFET, Frank         10 IN

    1880 294 Vine St., Cincinatti, Hamilton, OH, Vol. 28, ED 139, Sh 46, L 47
            BRAFFET, A. M.         40 IN
             Laura                 35 KY
             Eddie              10/12 OH

    1860 Mercer, MO
    9/9     BRAFFETT, John         32 OH
             Elizabeth             27 IN
             Sarah                 10 IN
             Lewis                  8 IN
             W. B.                  6 IN
             George                 3 MO
             Agnes               3/12 MO

    1880 Washington, Mercer, MO, ED 231, Sh 19, L 34
            BRAFFETT, Orris        43 OH
             Teressa             W 39 OH
             Mark                S 18 IN
             Thomas              S 16 IN
             Frank               S 13 IL
             Evaline             D 11 MO
             Bengerman           S  5 MO

    03-Jun-1880 Princeton, Mercer, MO
    59/64   PATTON, Abram R.       40 OH WV WV Collector
             Sarah                 30 IN IN IN Keeping House
             Hadley J.             11 MO OH IN
             Aura                   9 MO OH IN
             Elisabeth              7 MO OH IN
             Jesse M.               3 MO OH IN
             Fredrich            7/12 MO OH IN (b:Dec)
            BRAFFET, Elisabeth     43 IN      (mother in law)
             William W.            25 IN IN IN Clerk in store (bro-in-law)

    06-Jun-1900 Washington, Mercer, MO, Vol. 61,ED 122,Sh 4,L 63
            BAKER, David W.
            BRAFFETT, Melvin     GS 2 Mar-1898 MO MO MO

    08-Jun-1900 Mill Grove Vil., Wash., Mercer, MO, Vol. 61, ED 122, Sh 2, L 75
            BRAFFETT, Thomas       36 Feb-1864 IN OH OH Dry Goods & Grocer
             Emma                W 32 Dec-1867 MO VA OH
             Virgil              S 11 Dec-1888 MO IN MO (at school)
             Jessie              D  9 Sep-1890 MO IN MO (at school)
             Ray                 S  7 Dec-1892 MO IN MO (at school)

    11-Jun-1900 Prin., Morgan, Mercer, MO, Vol. 61, ED 119, Sh 9, L 36, p. 208A
            BRAFFET, William W.    46 Apr-1854 IN IN OH m:6 Grocer
             Martha E.           W 47 Mar-1853 MO VA VA m:6 1/1
             Augie M.            D  3 Dec-1896 MO IN MO
            PATTON, Susan E.    SL 63 May-1837 MO VA VA 0/0 Housekeeper

    08-Jun-1900 Mill Grove Vil., Wash., Mercer, MO, Vol. 61, ED 122, Sh 6, L 16
    [p. 247] BRAFFITT, Richard     20 Aug-1879 MO IN OH (servant,farm lab)
             [is this possible James. R.?]

    1900 Franklin, Grundy, OH, Vol. 35, ED 49, Sh 8, L 69
            BRAFFETT, Oris         63 Dec-1836 OH
             Terrisa               59 Nov-1840 OH

    1900 Spickardsville, Franklin, Grundy, MO, Vol. 35, ED 79, Sh 2, L 91
            BRAFFETT, Frank        33 Aug-1866 MO
             Sallie M.           W 31 Aug-1869 MO
             Grace C.            D  7 Mar-1893 MO
             Clarence G.         S  5 Mar-1895 MO
             Fred W.             S  3 Jan-1897 MO

    1900 Farmington, St. Francois, St. Francois, MO, Vol. 82, ED 919, Sh 4, L 58
            BRAFFET, Chas. C.      32 Mar-1868 IL (living alone)


    1860 East Pawpaw, IL
    25-Jan-1870 Melugin Grove, Brooklyn, Lee, IL, p. 258
    38      BRAFFETT, James        68 NY /$300
             Melissa               58 NY
    39      BRAFFETT, James H.     35 NY Physician $800/$1000
             Ellen                 29 MICH
             Nellie                16 IL
             John                  13 IL
             Charles               11 IL
             Mark                   5 IL

    1880 Lee, IL

    1900 Lee, IL

    1910 Paw Paw Village, Wyoming Township, Lee, IL, ED 63
    47/49   BRAFFIT, Howard J.    35 IL NY WI Printer m2:3       [p. 2B, 18-19-Apr]
             Vertie M.          W 28 IL PA PA    1/1 m1:3
             Donald              S 1 IL IL IL

    97/99   STEVENS, Nellie N.    45 IL NY WI widowed 2/2 [p. 4B, 20-21-Apr]
             Connie             D 17 IL IL IL
             Helen N.           D 13 IL IL IL
            BRAFFETT, Ellen     M 67 WI NY NY widowed 9/6

    Descendants and Researchers

    Descendants of Silas BRAFFETT and Mary WOODS

    Jay Brooks Braffett, 600 Santa Fe, Clinton, OK 73601
    Christine B. Rubio, 2615 Chicago, Kingman, AZ 86401
    husband of Hattie M. Braffett, 5526 Hillman Street, Houston, TX 77023
    Chester Claudine Ismael, Rt. 2, Box 70, Trenton, MO 64683
    Elaine (Ishmael) Lehr, 1602 E. 8th Street, Trenton, MO 64683
    Casey Braffet,

    Descendant of Joshua BRAFFETT and Mary MAPES

    Don Braffitt, 680 Deercroft Drive, Blacksburg, VA 24060,

    Descendants of George Washington BRAFFETT of NY and UT

    L. Vadeina G. Whitley, P. O. Box 621, Sweet Home, OR 97386
    husband of Erma Morris, HCR 01 Box 375, Naples, ID 83847

    BILLINGS Descendant

    Bill Acheson,

    BRAFFETT Descendant

    Loyd Braffett, 17191 Corbina Lane, Huntington Beach, CA

    BRAFFETT Researcher

    Elvira B. Sudweeks, 280 East 18 Street, Idaho Falls, ID

    JAQUA Researchers

    Nancy C. Robinson, 1750 Audrey Court, Benicia, CA 94510
    Margaret E. Ostrum, 6145 Prospect St. Star Rt. 1, Indian River, MI 49749
    Ruth J. King, 20683 Waalew Rd. 97, Apple Valley, CA 92307

    VAN ZILE Researcher

    Susan Roedder,

    Descendant of Mary MAPES and Samuel SMITH

    Myrtle S. Edwards, P. O. Box 112, Chester, NY 10918

    [end of Braffett Family Notes]