Curtis Family of McDowell County, North Carolina

Updated 28-Oct-2012 - updated info on Lawrence B. Curtis.

These notes mostly cover the Curtis family of McDowell County, NC, but other miscellaneous Curtis references are included.

For an online genealogy database which includes these Curtis descendants and related families, go to  The notes below supplement the information in the online genealogy database.

General Notes and References

 * "Memoirs of Rev. John Williamson Bird, page 82 Western N. C. Conference of
   - References Miss Curtis as his mother

 * 10-Jul-2006 email from Penny Spencer
   - MOSES CURTIS, SR. (THOMAS) was born October 03, 1777 in Randolph County, NC, and died
       September 04, 1853 in McDowell County, NC. He married MARY ALLISON Abt. 1801, daughter of
       THOMAS ALLISON and CASSANDRA BIRD. She was born December 11, 1782 in
       Washington County, VA, and died July 1864 in Buncombe County, NC.
   - Children of MOSES CURTIS and MARY ALLISON are:
     i. THOMAS MOSES CURTIS, b. 1802, Burke County, NC; d. Abt. 1885, Fannin County, GA.
     ii. BARBARA CURTIS, b. 1803, Burke County, NC.
     iii. MARY PAULINE CURTIS, b. March 26, 1804, Burke County, NC; d. October 14, 1863,
       Macon County, NC; m. CLARK S. BIRD, December 07, 1820; b. December 18, 1800,
       Old Fort, McDowell County, NC; d. July 18, 1885, Macon County, NC.
     iv. MELISSA CURTIS, b. 1806, Burke County, NC.
     v. WESLEY CURTIS, b. 1808, Burke County, NC.
     vi. MOSES CURTIS, JR., b. 1810, Burke County, NC; d. May 09, 1856, Cherokee County, NC.
     vii. ELIZABETH CURTIS, b. 1811, Burke County, NC.
     viii. JOSIAH ASKEW CURTIS, b. 1812, Burke County, NC; d. September 1865, CA.
     ix. EMELIE CURTIS, b. 1817, Burke County, NC; d. 1878, Bentonville, Benton County, NC.
     x. CASSANDRA CURTIS, b. 1822, Burke County, North Carolina.
     xi. MARY CURTIS, b. December 22, 1824, Burke County, North Carolina; d. August 03, 1896,
       Black Mountain, Buncombe County, North Carolina.

 * 03-Dec-1988 letter from Elita Hillman
   - Helen Nuffer is descended from Moses Curtis and Mary Allison

 * 03-Aug-1987 letter from Lawrence B. Curtis, 582 Jonsol Court, Gahanna, OH 43230 (Oct-2012 update from son Lawrence H. Curtis, 15502 Avery Road, Derwood, MD 20855: My father died Dec 24, 1997, of alzheimer related illness. His wife Mavis M. Sharp Curtis is still living in Strongsville Ohio. My brother John Curtis has my father's genealogical materials which became scrambled in the later stages of my dad's illness. Many family photos are posted at
   - Thomas and Eleanor Curtis
     - Moses and Mary Curtis (in 1850 McDowell, NC census)
       - Josiah Askew and Elizabeth Bird Curtis
         - Moses Hightower and Julia Garland Curtis
           - Robert Brahson Curtis
             - Lawrence Brahson Curtis
   - Wife of Richard Bird was Elizabeth Westlake (Dr. J. B. Simmons)
   - Land sale from Josiah Askew Curtis and wife Elizabeth to her brother
     Harbert and Benjamin
   - Will of Moses Curtis 08-Aug-1853
   - Will of Josiah Askew Curtis made out in Apr-1853
     - Includes note saying Josiah was angry at his daughter Angelica for
       marrying John Norris without permission
     - Names children of Josiah Askew Curtis
   - Josiah Askew Curtis disappears from the scene ~1855
   - 1860 census - Elizabeth Curtis listed as head of household
   - Lawrence B. Curtis has a picture of Elizabeth at age 99
   - Records of death of John Spencer (son of Elizabeth) shows Elizabeth as
     claiming his personal effects in 1863-64
   - No data on Mary Pauline (Polly) Curtis

 * Lawrence B. Curtis     Jenie Vee Poteet-Pitts
   582 Jonsol Court       1110 Canter Road, N. E.
   Gahanna, OH 43230      Atlanta, GA  30324

   Benjamin Bird          Benjamin Bird
    Jonathan Bird          Richard Bird
     Elizabeth Bird         Lucinda Bird
      Moses Hightower Curtis  Richard Ivy Bird Curtis
       Robert Brahson Curtis   Laura Ann Curtis
        Lawrence Brahson Curtis James Richard Poteet
                                 Jenie Vee Poteet [b: 1918 GA]

 * BIRD, Lucinda  m: CURTIS, Thomas
    CURTIS, Richard Ivy Bird m: WILLSON, Juletta Condicie
     CURTIS, Laura Ann  m: POTEET, Patton Carrison
      POTEET, James Richard m: WADE, Mary Jane
       POTEET, Jennie Vee m: PITTS, John T.

 * Northwest Georgia Historical and Genealogical Quarterly, Winter 1986
   [in TX state library]
   - 01-Apr-1985 Pedigree Chart for Jennie Vee Poteet-Pitts,
     1110 Canter Rd., N. E., Atlanta, GA  30324
     - Information on her ancestors through Lucinda Bird and Thomas Curtis
     - Thomas Curtis b: 15-Oct-1791 d: 28-Mar-1875 bu: Fannin County, GA,
       son of Thomas Curtis, Sr. and Mary
     - Thomas Curtis, Sr. son of Joshual Curtis
     - Lucinda Bird daughter of Major Richard Bird

 * 28-Apr-1985 FGS from Gloria Owenby for Josiah Askew Curtis and Elizabeth Bird
   - All data except for nickname "Betty" for Sarah Elizabeth Carson which
     is from Confidence church register
   - Data obtained from George Curtis 28-Apr-1985 at Family History Day - Patton
     Springs, Franklin, NC and from

 * 28-Apr-1985 letter from Gloria Owenby with copy of page from George Curtis.
   - Data on family of Elizabeth Bird and Josiah Askew Curtis
   - Their children b: Burke, NC

 * 03-Aug-1983 letter from Lawrence B. Curtis
   - Confirms Elizabeth Bird / Josiah Askew Curtis data except that he could not
     confirm Josiah Askew Curtis death date

 * Confidence M. E. Church South, Young Cane, Union County, GA register
   - Mrs. Edna Simpson, 3619 Alpine Drive, Knoxville, TN 37920 and Donald
     Braffitt have copies
   -  No. NAME. When Received.By whom Received.    Date of Death or Disposal.
      --  ------------------------------------    --------------------------
      42  George W. Curtis
      43  Bettie Curtis
      44  Georg Carson    Sep-1880    E. H. Wood     Moved by letter Oct-1885
      45  Ella Carson                                Moved by letter Oct-1885
     103  John B. Curtis  Mar-1884    M. G. Hamby (by letter)
     104  L. J. Curtis    Mar-1884    M. G. Hamby (by letter)
     125  Martha L. Curtis                           Died 29-Nov-1893
     150  Annie B. Curtis                            Married Feb-1893
          (marrige register says marriage was Jan-1893 to G. Sparks by Rev.
     208  Margarett Curtis Sep-1894   Rev. J. D. Stone
          Profession faith
     212  George Curtis, Jr. Sep-1984 Rev. J. D. Stone Moved with certif. 1902
          Profession faith
   - Donald Braffitt notes
     - Members 42 and 43 are probably George Williamson CURTIS and his wife
       Sarah Elizabeth CARSON
     - Members 44 and 45 might be related to Sarah CARSON.
     - Members 103 and 104 are probably Jonathan Bird CURTIS and his wife
       Lydia Jane ALLEN

BIRD, Clark / CURTIS, Mary Pauline (Polly)

 * Gloria Owenby, 595 Sanderstown Rd., Franklin, NC 28734
 * FGSs from Anne B. Engman (1986)
   - Clark Bird with note that info is from family bible in possession of Obera
     Wild Hyatt, Whittier, NC
     - John Williamson is her great grandfather
     - Joshua Curtis died 08-Dec or 15-Dec
     - Another name for Celia was Angellia
     - Carmine was a preacher
     - Jonathan's death date appears to have been updated from 09-Mar to 08-Jul
     - John Williamson died at the home of his son C.A. Bird and is buried at
       Qualla, NC old Campground cemetery
   - Rev. John Williamson Bird
   - Charles Asbury Bird
   - William Ernest Bird
   - Sarah Anne Bird
     - see volume - "Lloyd J. Engman and Anne Bird Engman family"
     - Sarah b: "other room" m: Cullowhee Methodist Church, McMurry Richey,

 * Marriage and Death Notices from Extant Asheville, N.C. Newspapers 1840-1870
   compiled by Robert M. Topkins, 1977.
   - CURTIS, Miss Elizabeth to J. H. Fortonbury. both of Macon County.
     02-Feb-1843 (Highland Messenger, 17-Feb-1843).

General CURTIS references

 * Information from CURTIS wills
   - Thomas m: Eleanor
      Moses m: Mary
        Moses H

 * 06-Jan-1852 Book 3, page 312 NC deed
   - Josiah Askew and Elizabeth Curtis
   - Benjamin Bird, Harbert Bird

 * Curtis Connections
   Lorraine Cowles Sencevicky
   2494 Newcastle St.
   Eugene, OR  97404  ($8.50 yearly queries)

 * Curtis Family of America Association, Paul R. Curtis, 43 Atlantic Terrace,
   Lynn, MA 01902, (617) 595-1000, souvenir booklet offer

 * The references below include the COOK Family, Confidence Church information,
   WILD/BIRD Family, WILL Family, BANNING Family, the Larry Fobes "WILDE" book,
   and a 1985 Letter.
     - CURTIS, Amos                             R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Angelica                         B:1832NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, Annie B.                         M:1893GA F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Avarilla F.                      M:1856   F:WILL.
     - CURTIS, Benjamin                         R:1810NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Bengeman                         R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Caleb                            R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, David                            R:1810NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, David                            R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Elizabeth                        M:1843NC F:WILD/BIRD.
     - CURTIS, Elizabeth                        B:1811NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, Elizabeth                        B:182?   F:BANNING.
     - CURTIS, Elizabeth                        B:1848NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, Elizabeth (BIRD)                          L:1985
     - CURTIS, Emily                            B:1834NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, George                                    L:1985,F:BIRD
     - CURTIS, George Jr.                       R:1894GA F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, George Williamson                B:1838NC L:1985,F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, James                            R:1810NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Jo Ann                           B:1832SC Fobes
     - CURTIS, John Spencer                     B:1836NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, Jonathan Bird                    M:1872NC L:1985,F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Joseph                           R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Joshua                           R:1810NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Joshua                           R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Josiah Askew                              L:1985
     - CURTIS, Levi                             R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Lydia Jane (ALLEN)                        L:1985,F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Margarett                        R:1894GA F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Martha L.                        D:1893GA F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Mary A. "Molly"                  B:1843NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, Mary Pauline "Polly"             M:1820   Fobes
     - CURTIS, Moses                            R:1810NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Moses                            R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Moses Hightower                  B:1852NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, Patsey                           R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Robert Wesley                    R:1832SC Fobes172
     - CURTIS, Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" (CARSON)         L:1985,F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Spencer                          R:1893GA F:CONCHURCH.
     - CURTIS, Thomas                           R:1820NC F:COOK.
     - CURTIS, Washington Lafayette             B:1841NC L:1985
     - CURTIS, William                          R:1820NC F:COOK.

CURTIS, Josiah Askew / BIRD, Elizabeth

 * BIRD, Elizabeth
   CURTIS, Josiah Askew          b:       1812 Otto, Burke, NC
                                 d:   Sep 1867
    CURTIS, Angelica             b:       1832  m:09-Dec-1852 John W. Norris
    CURTIS, Emily                b:       1834  m:13-Nov-1858 William W. Grahl
    CURTIS, John Spencer         b:       1836
                                 d:02-Nov-1862 pneumonia, Civil War Hospital,
                                    Richmond, VA
    CURTIS, George Williamson    b:   Jun-1839  m:11-Jan-1866
                                                 Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Carson
    CURTIS, Washington Lafayette b:05-Dec-1841  m:05-Jan-1871 Nancy A. Sanders
    CURTIS, Mary A. "Molly"      b:21-Apr-1843  m:03-Jun-1909 Jasper Watkins
                                 d:31-Aug-1913  bu:Salem Methodist Church
                                                  Cemetery, Callasaja, Macon, NC
    CURTIS, Jonathan Bird        b:       1845  m:22-Feb-1872 Lydia Jane Allen
    CURTIS, Elizabeth "Betty"    b:19-Apr-1848  m:22-Nov-1871 Henry Saunders
                                 d:09-Feb-1917  bu:Bethel Methodist Church
                                                  Cemetery, Callasaja, Macon, NC
    CURTIS, Moses Hightower      b:14-Oct-1852  m:03-Feb-1881 Julie Garland
                                 d:01-Sep-1892  bu:Asbury Methodist Church
                                                  Cemetery, Otto, Macon, NC

 * 25-Apr-1853 McDowell Co., NC will for J. A. CURTIS
   - wife Elizabeth
   - children Anne Norris; Emily; John Spencer; George Williamson;
              Washington Lefayett; Mary; Johnathan Bird; Elizabeth;
              Moses Hightower

 * 08-Aug-1853 McDowell Co., NC will for Moses CURTIS
   - son Wesley
     - son Moses
     - son Silas
   - son Askew