NameFred William Braffett
Birth14 Jan 1897, Mercer or Grundy, MO37,89
Death6 Dec 1983, Clinton, Custer, OK37
Burial9 Dec 1983, Clinton Cemetery, Clinton, Custer, OK
FatherFrank Wesley Braffett (1866-1933)
MotherSarah Marie Stanturf (1868-1935)
Misc. Notes
!BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: Clinton Cemetery, Clinton, Custer, OK,
!BIRTH-DEATH: Social Security Death Index37, Fred Braffett, died Dec-1983
!CENSUS: 02-Jun-1900 Spickardsville, Franklin, Grundy, MO, 57/57, Fred W. Braffett
!CENSUS: 09-May-1910 Ward 3, Clinton, Custer, OK, 284/293, Fred W. Braffett
!REFERENCE: 1916 picture featured in 1958 Clinton Daily News90
!CENSUS: 13-Jan-1920 709 Avant Street, Clinton, Custer, OK, 67/67, Fred Braffett
!CENSUS: 05-Apr-1930 820 Orient Avenue, Clinton, Custer, OK219, 83/93, Fred W. Braffett
!CENSUS: 12-Apr-1940 316 Seventh, Clinton, Custer, OK, 139, Fred W. Braffett
!REFERENCE: 16-Sep-1954 The Thomas Tribune220, Fred W. Braffitt, “In a meeting of the local draft board Monday, September 13, 14 registrants were classified for the first time, and 37 others were reclassified, Fred W. Braffitt, county board chairman reports.”
!REFERENCE: Pioneers of North Central Missouri89, “Happy” wrote the following in 1976, “My wife was living in Clinton, Oklahoma when we moved here. I first met her at a Sunday School party at her Aunt’s home when I was 12 and she was 9 years old... We never went together until I returned from W. W. I in Jun of 1919. She had grown up and I noticed what I had been overlooking. She was working as one of the early day posting machine operators in a local bank and since I thought all bankers were rich, I soon got interested. I had served 3 years in military service from $15.00 to $36.00 per month and when I return to my home, my old job formerly $50.00 per month was now paying $150 per month and I naturally thought I would soon own all the business buildings in town. It did not work out that way... I started in the insurance business in 1937. (In 1976 at the age of 79, he was still selling insurance.)”
!RESIDENCE: 1983 Clinton, Custer, OK 7360137
!DEATH-BURIAL: Custer, OK deaths, 25953
!REFERENCE: Custer, OK deaths, 12955, for wife Francis Lucille Braffett
!REFERENCE: 30-Jan-1990 phone conversation between Don Braffitt and Christine Braffet Rubio96, mentioned Happy Braffett
!REFERENCE: 14-May-2005 Clinton Daily News221, “Burgtorf said he and the late Happy Braffett, a Democrat who was the county’s longtime Election Board chairman, fought often. Figuratively, of course. “He and I agreed to disagree many times”, said Burgtorf. “You interfered with Happy and his turf as Election Board chairman, and you had trouble”. Before Braffett’s death, though, they ended up actually being pretty good friends.”
Birth16 Jan 1900, Custer, OK37,89
Death6 Jun 1988, Clinton, Custer, OK37
Burial9 Jun 1988, Clinton Cemetery, Clinton, Custer, OK
Misc. Notes
!BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: Clinton Cemetery, Clinton, Custer, OK,,
!BIRTH-DEATH: Social Security Death Index37, Francis L. Braffett, died 09-Jun-1988
!CENSUS: 05-Apr-1930 820 Orient Avenue, Clinton, Custer, OK219, 83/93, Lucill Braffett, parents born IA and MO
!CENSUS: 12-Apr-1940 316 Seventh, Clinton, Custer, OK, 139, Lucille Braffett
!REFERENCE: 1983 Custer, OK deaths, 25953 for husband Fred William Braffett
!RESIDENCE: 1988 Clinton, Custer, OK 7360137
!REFERENCE: 1988 Custer, OK deaths, 12955, Francis Lucille Braffett, parents John F. Gallap and Caroline De-Masters
!REFERENCE: 06-May-2010 email from Roger Petersen <> to Don Braffitt, “I've been researching a family in Clinton, Custer Co., OK that I found a connection to your Braffett website. The family group that came to my attention is Fred William Braffett and his wife Francis Lucille Gallap. She appears to be the daughter of John Francis Gallap/Gallup and wife Callie of Clinton, OK. He was born in Iowa and I am trying to determine if he may have been the brother of my great grandmother.”
Marriage22 Mar 1922, of Clinton, Custer, OK89
ChildrenJohn Brooks (1923-1968)
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