NameSara (a Cherokee Indian)
Birthabt 1765, Turkey Knob, Alleghany, NC1019,1046,675,1045
Deathaft 18501019,1045
BurialOsborne Fort Cemetery, Grayson, VA1019
Misc. Notes
!CENSUS: 18-Sep-1850 District 19, Grayson, VA675, 899/899, Sally Ward
!CENSUS: Jul-1870 Wilson District, Grayson, VA853, 133 note
!BURIAL: Osborne Fort Cemetery, Bridle Creek, Grayson, VA1,1019, Sara (an Indian),
!REFERENCE: Ward Family1031, Sarah/Sally/Saraigh was a Cherokee Indian
!REFERENCE: Ward Family Website1045, Sara/Sarah/Shrah/Saraigh Canoe, a Cherokee Indian, daughter of "Dragging Canoe" (Tsi'yu-gunsini) born 1734 in Chola Or Esatua, TN, the son of Attakullakulla (The Little Carpenter, so named for his skill at crafting treaty language acceptable to all)
!NOTE: There is dispute on the spouse of Sara, daughter of Dragging Canoe. Some references have her spouse as someone other than Nathan Ward.
!REFERENCE:, includes numerous Cherokee references
!REFERENCE: See 26-May-2002 email under son James Ward
!REFERENCE:, Sara was a Cherokee Indian, daughter of Draggingcanoe
!REFERENCE:, Chief Dragging Canoe
!NOTE: DNA testing for one 3G granddaughter (Doris Johnson Will) has not confirmed this Native American ancestry
Birthabt 1761, Coal Creek, Grayson, VA1045
Death1835, Grayson, VA1019,1045
BurialOsborne Fort Cemetery, Grayson, VA1019
FatherWells Ward (~1735-)
MotherRebecca Ward (~1739-)
Misc. Notes
!CENSUS: Jul-1870 Wilson District, Grayson, VA853, 133 note
!OCCUPATION: Miller1045
!REFERENCE: Ward Family Website1045
!REFERENCE: - 20-Aug-1806 - Persons appointed to view the grounds for a wagon road from Nathan Ward's to the new Ashe road, reported that there may be a road beneficial to the people from Nathan Ward's to Fox Creek Meeting House to the mouth of Fox Creek, to the mouth of Wilson, to Robert Parson's, Esq. thence to Patrick Kelly's and from thence to the new Ashe road.
!REFERENCE: 03-Feb-2003 email from Corri Johnson <> tp Don Braffitt, “I was just looking at your Ward Genealogy. I have a William McKinley Ward b. abt 1780 in or around Grayson, VA. He married a Matilda or Melinda Wells. Any chance he ties in anywhere. I have seen some people that have him as the son of Nathan but I have seen nothing to verify that. Thanks Corri Johnson.”
!REFERENCE: 26-May-2002 email from Larealia Camp <> to Don Braffitt, “I have been looking at your posting about Nathan Ward and Sarah, and I really would like to know more. I have only recently stumbled on this line this far back. I knew of Penelope Ward who married Andrew Cocks, but just this week saw where her parents are James Ward and Nancy Brown and James was s/o Nathan and Sarah. It also appears to me that there may be another Ward line with James Ward who is father of Penelope Ward who married a Clifton. I had always thought this Penelope was the same as the one who married 2nd Andrew Cocks, but now I am wondering. I do know that there was the story handed down in my grandmother's family that she was part Indian. I had never been able to find anything to substantiate that until now, but I guess I had not looked far enough back. Anything you could tell me about this family would help me as I am new to this family line. Thanks for your time. Larealia Camp”
!REFERENCE:, Penelope Ward born abt 1753, parents James Ward and Nancy Brown
!NOTE: If the approximate birth year for Penelope Ward of 1753 is correct, this would rule out her father James Ward as a son of Nathan Ward. More likely James Ward might be a brother of Nathan Ward’s father Wells Ward.
ChildrenStephen (~1788-~1849)
 Zachariah (1793-1878)
 Benjamin (1796-1858)
 Nellie (1800-1870)
 Lewis Thomas (1802-1875)
 Enoch (1806-1893)
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