Will/Braffitt/Johnson/Cook ancestry - Person Sheet
Will/Braffitt/Johnson/Cook ancestry - Person Sheet
NameJohn Wesley Ervin
Birth5 Jun 1835, Chester, Meigs, OH642
Death28 Sep 1898, Spiller, Lebanon, Meigs, OH642
Burial1 Oct 1898, Morris Chapel, Oldtown, Lebanon, Meigs, OH642
FatherJohn Ervin (1805-1891)
MotherNancy Sexton (~1805-1837)
Misc. Notes
!BIRTH-DEATH-BURIAL: Descendants of John Ervin of Meigs County, Ohio642, John Wesley Ervin, wife Marilla Jane Tubbs, Marcella Jane Tubbs, descendants
(1841-1923), 5 children
!CENSUS: 23-Sep-1850 Bedford, Meigs, OH, 553/553, John Ervin
!CENSUS: 26-Jun-1860 Chester, Meigs, OH, 985/961, John W. Irvin, wife Marilla Irvin, daughter Nancy Irvin
!CENSUS: 04-Jun-1870 Lebanon, Meigs, OH, 86/86, John W. Ervin, wife Marilla J. Ervin, 3 children
!CENSUS: 19-Jun-1880 Lebanon, Meigs, OH, 245/250, John W. Ervin, wife Marilla J. Ervin, 4 children
!DEATH: OneWorldTree65, John Wesley, Ervin, wife Marilla Jane Tubbs
!REFERENCE: 26-Oct-2012 email from Roy Eugene Ervin to Don Braffitt, "I am descended from Samuel Ervin, John Ervin, John Wesley Ervin, Lewis Sylvester Ervin, Lewis Raymond Ervin, and then Me; Roy Eugene Ervin. Then my descendents, male line; Roy Edwin Ervin, Zachary Robert Ervin."
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