Richard Maffitt - 1870s letter to his children

Added 17-Jul-2001.

Richard Bird Maffitt (see picture), great-grandson of Benjamin Bird and Elizabeth Allison wrote a letter in the 1870s to his children Emily Virginia Maffitt and John Walton Ward Maffitt.

A transcription of the letter was published in the Johnson County Arkansas Historical Society Journal Vol. VII No. 1 Apr-1981:

The letter does not mention Richard's great-grandparents by name, but it does give the names of the 5 children for Benjamin Bird and Elizabeth Allison along with the spouse for their daughter Cassandra Bird:
Mother's grandfather was a Virginian but moved to McDowell Co before the Revolution.  He had some sons and one daughter: Jonothan, Thomas, Richard and Benjamin Bird were their names.  Kasander married a man whose name was Thomas Allison who proved to be a Tory.

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