Theresa Rice Radford - Meigs County, Ohio Will - 1892

Updated 29-Apr-2001 with a reference to Sange (double-reed instrument of the bagpipe family) thanks to Diana Will.

Transcribed 15-Apr-2001 by Sarah Will, Becky Will and Don Braffitt from a photocopy of the handwritten will (preserving as best as possible, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation).

In the name Benavelente Father of all.  I Theresa Radford of the County of Meigs and the State of Ohio do make and Publish this my last will and testiment.

(Item first) I do appoint William H. Radford as my exexator.  I disire the he Shall furnsh and erect at my grave a gronet monument which Shall cost not less than one hundres Dollers.  I alsow wont him to furnsh a cosket and white satin dress that Shall costs not less thon one hundred Dollar for my bereial and alsow to Furnish a herse and a babtist minister for my Furinal Service and that my said Exexator W. H. Radford Pay out of My Estate all the above and all other nessary expences that Shall be incured in my bereial.

(Item 2) I give and bequeath to Effa Corsey all my kitchen Furnituer that is in my Possion at the time of my Death in cluding all dishes and every thing belonging to the kitchen, one singel bed and Beding, one Sange and all that belongs to it and all the Fowls that is on the Place at the time of my Decseseid and two tables and one clock alsow four Wollen Blankets.

(Item 3) I Give and bequeath to T. Maud Will one bed and beding and one quilt and the Family Bible.

(Item 4) I deisere that all of my Personal Propert that I Shall have at my Death shall be Sold by my said Execator and togeather with all money's that I Shall have at my desesed after Paying all of my debts as I have heretofore Directed and all Expences of my said Exector in the settelment of my Estate is fully Paid any ballence that is left shall be
Devided Eaquly between Electa Will and Sarah Cummings my Daughters.

In testimony, wherof  I have here unto set my hand and Seal this 12th day of Augest 1892.

Theresa Radford

Signed and Ackolidge
by Theresa Radford
as her last will in arransents.
W. R. Michael
R. D. Rawlings

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