Windsor Forest High School (Savannah, GA) reunions

Updated 17-Nov-2002 - contact Len Cayce (class of 1968) if you are interested in a reunion
Updated 10-May-2002 - note from Vicky Lynn Hickerson Scherberger (class of 1971)

Len Cayce sent me a note that the classes of 1968, 1969, and 1970 held a reunion in Savannah in 1990. Len said to contact him if anyone from the class of 1968 is interested in organizing another reunion.

The rest of the material on this page relates to the class of 1971.

The class of 1971 held a reunion in Savannah the last week of Jul-2001.

We don't have contact information for 98 members of our class. Here's a list of the 98 missing contact information as of 10-May-2002. Send me any updates to this list. Michael Willis maintains the list with contact information for other members of our class.

Craig Propst took pictures at the reunion (password is havefun). Craig also asked classmates to submit "Claims-To-Fame" .

Robin Denny organized most of the reunion and sent out the class reunion sign-up form .

Several people posted an entry on our reunion page on .

Here's the initial page from our section of the 1971 Windsor Forest High School annual. I have some extra copies of that section of the 1971 annual left over from the reunion. . Send me email if you'd like a copy.

Craig Propst's request for "Claims-To-Fame"

Subject: WFHS Reunion Photos
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 20:47:33 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, everybody!

The first two albums of photos from the reunion are now online at the site listed below. Come take a look!

You'll need the password:  havefun

Note that it is ONE word, not two. Also, this will be the same password for all of the reunion albums. I'll be adding more photos from the other events as soon as I can get them downloaded and captioned. I took a total of 130 pictures at the various events; the first two albums contain a total of only 50 pictures.

Those of you who were not able to attend the reunion missed a good the pictures show. I wonder if you'll be as surprised and entertained by how we all look as we were!

One more thing: Those of you who haven't sent me info for the "Claims-to-Fame" book yet, please do so. If you don't want to make a claim to fame, send info about your life, kids, job, whatever. Get it to me by 9/1/01.


Craig Propst

Subject: "Claim-To-Fame" Request For Reunion
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 15:39:44 EDT

Hi, Everybody!

Sherri and I look forward to seeing you all soon in Savannah. We are sorry
to hear that some of you won't be able to make it, but are happy that many of
us have now established email connections.

Looking ahead to the reunion, I thought it might be fun to put together some
type of document regarding our individual accomplishments. Perhaps we'll
make it a "Claim-To-Fame" game and have attendees match up accomplishments
with the names of those who have submitted "claims."  Consider it like the
predictions made about us in the high school newspaper when we graduated,
only in reverse.

Here's what I want you to do:  send me an email, please, briefly describing
an accomplishment or event from your life, something you would consider a
"claim-to-fame."  Send more than one item, if you want to. It/they can be
career-oriented (built successful business), or family-oriented (have three
grown children and seven grandchildren), or a personal achievement (climbed
to top of a mountain), or a chance meeting (had drinks with famous person) or
anything else you consider note-worthy about your last twenty years (or
thirty, if you missed our 10-year reunion). It can be something serious or a
"most-embarassing moment."  But, remember that whatever you submit will
likely be published for all to enjoy!

Those of you not attending the reunion are welcome to also submit "claims."
The more the merrier. With your help, this could be a very interesting
collection of anecdotes. I'll make sure that everyone gets a copy.

Please have your information to me by July 22. That will allow me to
assemble it for the reunion festivities.


Craig Propst

Here's what I sent to Craig:

Here's a couple of anecdotes from me ("bats" and "collecting dead relatives").

We unintentionally ran a bat maternity ward in our garage last summer and
learned a little about bats. The mortality rate for baby bats is about 90%
because lots of them fall when they first try to fly and the mothers don't have
the strength to carry them all the way back up (in our case, to the peak of our
garage roof next to a chimney). Anyway, my wife figured out that we could hoist
the fallen babies back up close to the peak of the roof by placing them in the
cage of an apple picker and extending that up to just under the mothers to make
it easier for the mothers to retrieve the wayward youngsters. All in all, the
whole experience was interesting, but we did some roof work this year to
encourage the bats set up their maternity ward outside this spring. Here's a
picture of my wife trying to feed one of the baby bats:

A couple of years after my dad died in 1972, I started going through all the
family history research he had done starting back in the early 1940s. I've
managed to extend a lot of the research lines he started and find a lot of
interesting characters along the way. Now I research all the lines related to
my daughter's ancestors. "Collecting dead relatives" is often how I refer to
all the genealogy work I do, but I do occasionally come across a live one.  One
of my favorite references is a census record for an Ohio family with the older
children born in Ireland, the younger children born in Ohio, and the middle
child born "on the Atlantic". The most interesting connection I've found so far
involves a Civil War battle where my ancestor (from Georgia) and my wife's
ancestor (from Ohio) probably fought against each other. My ancestor was killed
at that battle and my wife's ancestor was killed 3 days later. Fortunately for
us, their children who would become our great-great-grandparents were born
before the war. Anyway, here's a link to 55+ years of genealogy research done
by me, my dad, and a lot of other people:

Here's the bio I posted at in the summer of 2000:

Bio for Don Braffitt / Donald Braffitt:

The recent news on my family is that we moved from Hollis, NH to Blacksburg, VA in Aug-2002.

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