Blacksburg Flood 22-Feb-2003
Pictures and story by Sarah Will

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 1-a river ran through it. on the right side of the picture, you notice what appears to be a small river going through our back yard. other streams are feeding into this river, coming from all parts of our property. also, take notice, in the back ground, the mountain is not visible. it is very foggy.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 2-a pond is now there. look to the lower middle portion of the picture. what you are looking at is a pond that has formed infront of our front porch. i'm supprised I don't see fish hoping in our new water/marsh area. also, up higher in the picture, the remains of the front lawn is now a large marshy area.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 3-a raging torrent. running horizontally across the picture is a raging torrent, running through our culvert under the driveway, that has replaced the once docile and occasionally non-existent stream. on the right side of the picture, you'll notice a new stream running into the raging torrent.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 4-a raging torrent. this is just another picture of the other side of the culvert.

dad and I now leave our house and proceed down deercroft.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 5- another river runs through it. this is a picture of a lawn in front of a house a few houses down from ours. or actually, the word "lawn" is probabbly not acceptable in this circumstance, more like river/marsh.

dad and I now proceed down the rest of deercroft and turn onto lusters gate. we travel down that a little ways to the country club neighborhood. we have turned down that street and encountered this.....

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 6-well, this river has decided to run across it. this bridge has become a bit useless at this point. when a river goes from 5 feet wide to 50 feet wide and at least 3 feet deeper, things like this happen. on the right side in the river, you'll notice what appears to be a tree floating downstream.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 7-here, on closer examination of the yellow sign in the middle of the screen, you'll notice that the river is almost two feet above flood stage.

dad and I don't think it would be safe to try to navigate to the other side. so we decide to make a u-turn...but not before....

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 8-i snap one more picture as we turn around. this area is typically a dry grass lawn. not anymore.

we leave country club and continue down lusters gate. we think we're gonna go up woodlands, or maybe the other country club entrance, but.....

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 9-here we encounter what dad says has never happened before according to his funny little maps. oh mylanta, THE RIVER HAS BREACHED ITS BANK!

we probablly could make it through okay, but we decided not to risk it.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 10-as we turn around, i snapped another picture of the river. the river typically stops at the front line of trees. well, not anymore.

as we turn around, another car comes down. they decide to brave the road, and made it safely across.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 11-apparently i thought this was really cool, so I took one more picture of it.

now we're heading back home toward deercroft

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 12-what you're looking at is the runoff onto lusters gate from our back yard. YIKES! remember the first river that ran through it? YOWZA! but luckily, the culverts are working as they should, and all the water is running safely under the road, and the river continues on the other side in the cow field.

now we're back in our driveway

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 13-this is just a picture of the typically non-existent stream running under our driveway. and yes, on the left hand side of the screen, this is my beautiful hand.

Blacksburg Flood - Feb-2003 14-this a repeat

okay the tour is over. sorry it wasn't funnier, but with tons of pictures of water, you run out of jokes fast. hope everything's going great.