Ladyslippers at Beaver Brook Association, Hollis, NH

Last update: 20-Aug-2019

I took some pictures of ladyslippers (Cypripedium) in May-2001 and May-2000 in four locations on three trails. Becky and I saw the ladyslippers in Jun-1999 in two of the locations. The ladyslippers are usually on the north sides of the trails.

In the map below, I marked in yellow the approximate locations where I saw ladyslippers at Beaver Brook between 1999 and 2001 along the Tupelo, Mary Farley, and Rocky Ridge Trails. Click on the map for a wider view of this area of Beaver Brook.


Rocky Ridge Trail (May-2000)

42 44.87 N  71 37.61 W
ladyslippers ladyslippers ladyslippers

Tupelo Trail (May-2000 and May-2001)

42 44.80 N  71 37.86 W
ladyslippers ladyslippers ladyslippers

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