HUES 6th Grade Math Choice #1 04-Jan-2000

Hollis Upper Elementary School, Hollis, New Hampshire

1. Digits in dates
Assume that dates are written mm/dd/yyyy with no leading zeros (for example 1/4/2000).
1A. What was the last date which had all odd digits?
1B. What is the next date which will have all odd digits?
1C. What was the last date which had all even digits?
1D. What is the next date which will have all even digits?
1E. What is the next date which will alternate odd and even digits starting with an odd digit?

Source: The Irish Times (newspaper) Nov-1999

2. Change for a dollar
"I need to make a phone call, and all I have is a dollar bill," said George.  "Can you make change for a dollar?"  "Sure," replied Susan, rummaging through her purse.  "Hmm. I have more than a dollar, but I can't give you exact change."
2A. How much money could Susan have in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and still
not be able to make exact change for a dollar?

Source: Discover (magazine) Oct-1999, page 119 (Scott Kim's Bogglers column)

3. 1995-1996 6th grade math contest
    1995-1996 5th grade math contest (alternate problems)
    1995-1996 7th grade math contest (alternate problems)

Source: The Math League

4. Lawn Mowing Chore
At my house, summer vacation means added chores for my three sons. Saturdays the lawn must be mowed.  Mark starts the mower and completes 1/3 of the lawn. Sam takes over and mows exactly 1/4 of the grass.  Josh then finishes off the last 700 square feet of the yard.
4A. What is the area of my yard?
4B. Bonus: The boys devised the plan for dividing the work and consider it to be fair based on their ages. My youngest son is nine. Can you match the names and ages of my three sons? Don't forget to explain how you found your answer and let me know if you think that this is fair.

Source: The Math Forum

Don Braffitt