HUES 6th Grade Math Choice #15 16-May-2000

Hollis Upper Elementary School, Hollis, New Hampshire

1.  Which number is greater: 222221/333332 or 444443/666665?

Source: ABACUS International Math Challenge for 5th and 6th graders April, 2000

2. Sacagawea Cheerios

On a recent front page of the Philly Inquirer there was a story about the new Sacagawea dollar coin
and the promotion it is going to get - quite different from the introduction of the Susan B. Anthony
dollar.  "The coin ... will first become available inside boxes of Cheerios. ... In ... that promotion ...
10 million boxes of Cheerios will be packaged with a new dollar coin in every 2000th box, and a
certificate for 100 coins in every 4400th box."

2.1.  How many coins will the government give away in this promotion?

Source: The Math Forum

3. 1992-93 Annual 7th grade math contest

3.6.   When the cost of a candy bar increased from 25¢ to 29¢, by what percent did the cost
         increase, based on the original cost?

3.19.  What is the largest odd integer less than 1000 with all different digits?

3.27.  If #(Y) means the number of days in the year Y, what is the value of
         #(1993) + #(1994) + #(1995) + #(1996)?

3.39.  If the Pros won 30% of their games in the first third of the season, what percent of their
         remaining games must they win to finish this season having won 50% of all their games?

3.40.  The pattern of the first 7 letters of contentcontestcontest ... continues to the right.  The 1st
         occurrence of a "t" is the 4th letter of this pattern.  The 1993rd occurrence of a "t" is which
         letter of this pattern?

Source: The Math League


Don Braffitt