HUES 6th Grade Math Choice #3 18-Jan-2000

Hollis Upper Elementary School, Hollis, New Hampshire

1. Alphametics

1A: Solutions to WRONG + WRONG = RIGHT:
12734+12734=25468  12867+12867=25734  12938+12938=25876  24153+24153=48306
24765+24765=49530  25173+25173=50346  25193+25193=50386  25418+25418=50836
25438+25438=50876  25469+25469=50938  25734+25734=51468  25867+25867=51734
25938+25938=51876  37081+37081=74162  37091+37091=74182  37806+37806=75612
37846+37846=75692  37908+37908=75816  49153+49153=98306  49265+49265=98530


Source (1B): Journal of Recreational Mathematics, vol. 29, num. 3, p. 219

2. Wilda's Swamp Water

Wilda Witchen is planning a party.  She wants EXACTLY 8 quibits of swamp water for her haunted swap diarama.  Before you can ask her what a quibit is, she hands you 2 containers and shoves you out the door.  As you head to the swamp you notice one container is marked 10 quibits and the other is marked 6 quibits.  The swamp is a 10 minute walk from Wilda's house and since it will be getting dark soon, you want to get the swamp water and return to Wilda's house as soon as possible.

2A. Explain the steps you will take to measure out the exact amount of swamp water Wilda has requested.

Source: The Math Forum

3. 1993-1994 6th grade math contest

Source: The Math League

Don Braffitt