HUES 6th Grade Math Choice #8 22-Feb-2000

Hollis Upper Elementary School, Hollis, New Hampshire

1. 1988-1989 6th grade math contest

Source: The Math League

2. Alphametics solution

AB x C = DE and FG - DE = HI (don't use 0 in the solution)
17  x 4  = 68  and 93  - 68  = 25

Source: 536 Curious Problems & Puzzles, by Henry Ernest Dudeney, p. 47 (#152)

3. Problems of the Week (optional)

If you find a solution to either of these current problems, go to the Math Forum web site if you would like to submit an online solution.

3A. Middle School - Seating Dilemma
3B. Elementary School - Across the Netherlands

Source: The Math Forum

Have a good vacation next week!  See you March 7th.

Don Braffitt