Newell and Place Families of Chittenden, VT, Washington, OH, Jefferson, IL

These notes cover the family of Daniel NEWELL and Patience PLACE who were married 02-Mar-1810 in Colchester, Chittenden County, VT as well as possibly related NEWELL and PLACE families including:

Chittenden County, VT
NEWELL, Asa b: abt 1765 and resided in Milton, VT
NEWELL, Cynthia b: 1803 VT
PLACE, James
PLACE, Joseph

Washington County, OH
NEWELL, Daniel, Jr. b: 22-Apr-1816 VT
NEWELL, Sarah b: 16-Jan-1824 near Cantic, Quebec, Canada
NEWELL, Erastus Leroy b: abt 1826 VT
PLACE, Nathaniel b: VT

Jefferson County, IL
NEWELL, Asa Blake b: abt 1811 VT
NEWELL, Nathan M. b: abt 1820 VT
NEWELL, John Place b: abt 1818 VT
PLACE, Isaac b: abt 1801 VT
PLACE, Sidney b: abt 1807 VT

A web site with some of the descendants of Daniel NEWELL and Patience PLACE is available at:

Asa NEWELL was enumerated in the 1790 census in Stratford, Orange County, VT and then in the 1810-1830 censuses in Milton, Chittenden County, VT. Based on ages in the 1830 census, Asa was born between 1760 and 1770 and his wife was born between 1770 and 1780. Based on daughter Cynthia's 1880 census record, both Asa and his wife were born in CT. In Milton, Asa located near the Colchester line, on the farm owned and occupied in 1886 by his grandson, L. N. SMITH. He had a family of nine children, and his descendants were quite numerous in Milton. [CHIT86]1. L. N. SMITH land was located in 1869 in Milton section 39, on the road west of Malletts Creek and west of of the rail- road track on the Colchester border, just southeast of Cobble Hill [CHIT69]2. Asa's wife was named Martha, and one of their children was Cynthia NEWELL b: 1803, great-grandmother of Noah C. Thompson [THOM95]3.

Patience PLACE NEWELL is possibly the daughter of John PLACE and Patience DOWNING. John and Patience married 11-Jul-1781 in Rochester, Strafford County, NH. Having three children, Patience DOWNING PLACE died shortly after childbirth. They lived in Barnstead, Belknap County, NH where Patience PLACE was born 11-July-1786 (IGI Record). John then married Lydia Jackson GARLAND in 1787. They moved to Colchester, Chittenden County, VT where they appeared in the 1800 and 1810 census records. John was a boat builder. The NEWELL, FAIRCHILD, and GILBERT families migrated to Washington County, OH. That migration took two years traveling by river, etc. and included many hardships [ASHC01]4.

Eli GILBERT, Sr. and John PLACE, Jr. were friends in Chittenden County, VT. In 1816 they left VT and headed for OH. During the trip a horse died, and they were forced to lay over about a year in NY. Then the 2 families finally arrived in Washington County, OH in 1818 and set up homes. John PLACE, Jr. died and everyone got restless and wanted to move, so in 1838, Eli GILBERT, Sr., Sidney PLACE and brother Isaac PLACE, and Asa Blake NEWELL came to IL and walked the entire state over looking for land. They located in Jefferson County and built crude pole shelters and returned to OH to put out one more crop in the spring of 1839. After the harvest, Asa Blake NEWELL, Eli GILBERT's families, Sidney and Isaac PLACE and their families, along with their sister's family (Hannah Place KETCHUM) and their aged widowed mother, Lydia Garland PLACE, along with their livestock came on flatboats down the Ohio River to Shawneetown. "The GILBERT's, NEWELL's, PLACES's came up from the Ohio River at Shawneetown over the Kaskaskia Trail 100 miles with oxcars and wagons loaded with plunder in the fall of 1839" [PRAIRIE]5. They arrived in Jefferson County in Oct-1839. Asa Blake NEWELL and Sidney PLACE bought land together. They built their permanent houses near each other. Nathan M. NEWELL and John P. NEWELL also went to Jefferson Co, IL and were probably related to Asa, as they settled near him. Audrey MERRIMAN has a picture of Asa Blake NEWELL's house and knows where it was located. Asa Blake NEWELL m: Eleanor SHUTTLESWORTH 12-Jul-1840 in Washington County, OH. She was b: 1812 in OH and d:abt 1852 in Jefferson County, IL. Most of the current NEWELLs in Jefferson County, IL are descended from Asa Blake NEWELL. Nathan M. NEWELL had a large family and a son named Curtis, but there are no descendants of Nathan now in Jefferson County [MERR886, HODG887, CART958]

Related Jefferson County, IL marriages include:

NEWELL, John A. m:MORTON, Matilda Ann 14-Mar-1840
NEWELL, John P. m:BODINE, Abagail 30-Nov-1848
NEWELL, Asa B. m2:HAYES, Margaret 31-Mar-1853
NEWELL, Nathan M. m1:GREEN, Eliza Jane m2:Drucilla

Here is more information [NEWE03]19 on John P. NEWELL and Abigail BODINE from James Newell:

My name is James Newell and I live in Chillicothe, Tx. John P Newell is my gg grandfather. I cant believe I finally found some info on him. Our old family Bible lists John P and Abigail's children as, John Bodine, James Gregory, Martha Caroline, Patience, Daniel Nelson, William Hanney, Lydia Margaret, Columbus, Robert Fulton, and Samuel Worth. Samuel Worth is from a second marrage after Abigail died to Lizzy Wells. Robert Fulton is my g grand father and was raised by his older brother Daniel Nelson in Baxter Springs KS. Robert F was a star mail carrier and a keeper of the peace durring the Oklahoma land rush. He married Mary Ethel Schulmberger (spelling ?) from Fort Stockton TX. They had two children, my grandfather Daniel Nelson, and Mary Ethel. They were living in Ravie OK when Daniel Nelson was born, and 3 years later moved and homesteaded land 8 miles east of Lovington NM. After they were there for three years they came to Wilbarger county TX. This is all the info I have on them, except dates. I wonder why Daniel had to raise Robert, why did Abigail die, where is John buried, what happened to Lizzy Wells etc.

Sidney and Isaac PLACE were sons of John PLACE, Jr. as follows:

PLACE, John, Jr. b: 1862 Rochester, NH
d: 22-Apr-1828 Wash. County OH
DOWNING, Patience m1:11-Jan-1781 NH
d: abt 1786/7
3 sons
GARLAND, Lydia JACKSON m2:22-Nov-1787 Rochester, NH
b: 08-Apr-1763 Rochester, NH
d: 12-Aug-1845 Jefferson County IL
9 children including Isaac PLACE and Sidney PLACE (1807-1890)

Sidney PLACE is the gggrandfather of Audrey MERRIMAN. Her first PLACE ancestor, John PLACE, came to America and settled in Maine 06-Jan-1634 [MERR88]6.

More information on Jefferson County, IL is available at the county web site [ILJEFF]9 . In particular, the 1880 Jefferson County census records show the NEWELL and PLACE amilies in McClellen, Blissville, and Elk Prairie Townships. Many NEWELL and PLACE census entries show the tie-in to NH and VT. The census entry for Sidney PLACE shows he was born in VT with his parents born in NH. The census entry for Asa B. NEWELL (living adjacent to Sidney) shows he was born in VT with his parents born in CT and VT.

Daniel NEWELL and Patience PLACE were m:02-Mar-1810 in Colchester, Chittenden County, VT. Daniel served in Cap. Brownell's Company during the War of 1812 [VT33]10. He is listed in Colchester, VT town records for 1812, 1814, and 1826.

Daniel NEWELL, Jr., son of Daniel and Patience, was b: 22-Apr-1816 in VT. According to family legend, Daniel NEWELL was a doctor in Milton, VT, and co-signed a loan which was not repaid, and he left ahead of the sheriff, went up the river to Canada, in winter, with his family, and Sarah NEWELL [Denver Newell FISH's great-grandmother] was born there 16-Jan-1824. Then the townspeople repaid his loan problem, and got the governor to get him to come back. [FISH87]11

Daniel NEWELL and his family came to Decatur, Washington County, OH sometime before the 1840 federal census where he is listed with 10 people in his household. He died in Decatur, Washington County, OH in 1848. His widow Patience applied for a pension (#7930) for Daniel's service in the War of 1812 [VT33]10.

Several NEWELL marriages took place in Washington County, OH including at least two children of Daniel and Patience (Daniel and Sarah):

NEWELL, Asa B. m:SHUTTLESWORTH, Eleanor 12-Jul-1840
NEWELL, Daniel m:STATTS, Jane 02-Sep-1841
NEWELL, Erastus R. m:JOHNSON, Mary 08-Apr-1847
NEWELL, Sarah m:FISH, Samuel Hamilton 18-Feb-1851

Jean Bengston thinks that the last name for Daniel Jr.'s wife is Storts [BENG01]18.  Her great aunt Lettie Storts, who was born in Decatur, Washington County, OH, had Jane Storts listed as married to Daniel Newell.

In the 1850 federal census, Asa B. NEWELL, Nathan NEWELL, and John P. NEWELL, are in Jefferson County IL, and Daniel NEWELL and Erastus NEWELL are living near each other in Washington County, OH.

According to James FISH, uncle of Newell Denver FISH, the NEWELLs and the FISHs took off for the west, didn't like the weather in KS, and worked their way back to OH [FISH87]. The following children of three Decatur, Washington, OH families were born in IL according to census records:

John Place NEWELL (son of Erastus NEWELL) b: 1854 IL
Thomas J. NEWELL (son of Erastus NEWELL) b: 1855 IL
Thomas B. NEWELL (son of Daniel NEWELL, Jr.) b: 1856 IL
Frank Howard FISH (son of Sarah NEWELL) b: Jan-1859 IL

In the 1860 federal census, Erastus NEWELL (known both as Erastus R. and Erastus Leroy) is back in Washington County after the excursion west where 2 of his children (John Place and Thomas J.) were born. Erastus NEWELL enlisted (name Enos R.) for 3 years with Company E, 53rd Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry on 18-Oct-1861 at age 35 as a private. The regiment fought in 1861-1862 at the battles of Shiloh and Corinth. Erastus died (name Enoch) 07-Jun-1862 at Chewalla, TN and is buried in Corinth, MS.

The children of Patience PLACE and Daniel NEWELL included Asa Blake, Daniel Jr., John Place, Nathan, and Erastus - all born in VT; Sarah - born in Quebec, Canada; and Cynthia [ASHC01]4.

One possible theory is that Asa was the father of Daniel, Cynthia, and Asa Blake, [THOM95]3 thus giving the following family groups:

NEWELL, Asa m: Martha "Lucy"
NEWELL, Daniel b: abt 1786 m: 1810 VT PLACE, Patience
NEWELL, Cynthia b: 1803 VT
NEWELL, Asa Blake b: 1811 VT

NEWELL, Daniel b: abt 1786 m: 1810 VT PLACE, Patience
NEWELL, Daniel, Jr. b: 1816 VT
NEWELL, John Place b: abt 1818 VT
NEWELL, Nathan M. b: abt 1820 VT
NEWELL, Sarah b: 1824 near Cantic, Quebec, Canada
NEWELL, Erastus Leroy b:abt 1826 VT

These dates correspond with the 1840 Decatur, Washington, OH federal census for Daniel NEWELL, but do not account for possibly three other children - a daughter b: 1810-1820, a daughter b: 1825-1830, and a daughter b: 1830-1835.  This theory is supported by the name Sarah chose for her first child - Asa JOHNSON - by her first marriage to Samuel? Abraham? JOHNSON. [GRAN92]12

Another theory is that Asa's children included [MCGO10]:20

NEWELL, Asa m: Martha "Lucy"
NEWELL, (Mary) Polly b: abt 1782
NEWELL, Daniel b: abt 1786
NEWELL, Oliver b: 1788
NEWELL, Betsy b: 1792
NEWELL, Cynthia b: 1803

A theory supported by DNA evidence is that Asa's children included: NEWELL, (Mary) Polly b: abt 1782
NEWELL, Daniel b: abt 1786
NEWELL, Oliver b: 1788
NEWELL, Cynthia b: 1803

Here is more information [MCGO10]20 on (Mary) Polly Newell and James Thomas from Cameron McGowan:

Polly married James Thomas and had at least six children in the Milton and Colchester area (Anna, Robert, William, Daphna, Susan, Althea). It seems likely that James and Polly migrated with their family to Brome or East Farnham, Quebec area (Anna said, as a small girl).

After James died, Polly married a Mr. Lambkins or Lampson. I don't know if this was in Canada or back in Milton. Polly is in the 1861 Canada Census as Polly Lampson, widow, 79, living with her daughter Susan Jenkins in West Brome. She is listed as born in New York.

She is buried in Riverside Cemetery in East Farnham as Polly Thomas. The stone is hard to read and was broken and repaired. I believe she was around 80 and buried about 186?, so probably 1862. Close to her MI is the MI for Dr. Oliver Newell (1788-1865) who was born in Vermont and came to Cowansville as the first Dr. in the area (he's well known - his home is now a restaurant!).

I have a handwritten paper on the Hall family where my great grandmother, daughter of Anna Thomas, was interviewed about 1920. She claims the family came from Milton and Colchester, Vermont. The paper says Polly was Dr. Oliver Newells aunt, but it seems more likely she was his sister.

Unfortunately the Vermont records are pretty bad. I thought maybe my information could be added to the pot.

If you are interested I can send photos of the graves and a transcription of what was said in the paper about the Newell and Thomas families.

Other than the marriage of Patience PLACE to Daniel NEWELL and the facts that Isaac PLACE and Sidney PLACE were brothers, the other NEWELL / PLACE relationships are mostly based on family tradition and speculation. Several different NEWELL and PLACE families appear to have traveled together (first to OH and then to IL and in one case, back to OH) and there are several common names used in the families (Patience in the family of Isaac PLACE and John Place NEWELL both in IL [CART95]8 and in the family of Erastus Leroy NEWELL in OH).

Other references include [NEW-FHL]13 and [OH1]14 .

For the latest charts and references on this family, see Daniel Newell and Patience Place - descendants
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