Radford Family of Meigs County, Ohio

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These notes cover references to the Radford family of Meigs County, Ohio. An archive of previous updates is here: Introduction

William Radford and Frederick Radford as brothers is speculation based on their proximity living in Meigs County, Ohio after having emigrated from County Wicklow, Ireland. The precise relationship between William and Frederick is not known, but there are DNA matches at the estimated 4th-6th cousin level between 3 3G-grandchildren of William Radford and Eleanor Ashworth and a 3G-grandson and a 4G-grandson of Frederick Radford and Ann Carleton.

One possibility for the parents of William Radford and Frederick Radford is the couple from the 24-Nov-1777 Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland marriage of James Radford and Sarah Hughes. William Radford and Eleanor Ashworth named 2 of their children James and Sarah as did Frederick Radford and Ann Carleton.

1819 arrival in Philadelphia, PA on the Schooner Hannah from Halifax, Nova Scotia of William Radford and his family

On arrival in Philadelphia, the William Radford family probably included William (age about 30), wife Eleanor Ashworth (age about 36), daughter Sarah (age 6), and sons John (age 6), James (age about 5), David (age 4), and Thomas (age 8 months). The arrival date of 03-Jul-1819 in Philadelphia is taken from William's 1827 naturalization record.

1819 arrival in Philadelphia - William Radford and Family

1827 Meigs County, OH naturalization record for William Radford
William Radford a native of Ireland personally appeared in open court & being duly sworn doth on oath declare that he was born in the Parish of Castle McAdam in the County of Wicklow Ireland & within the dominions of the King of Great Britain & Ireland that he sailed from Dublin on the 14th of May A.D. 1819 landed in Halifax N.S. June 3rd of the same year from thence sailed to Philadelphia where he arrived on the 3rd July following from thence came to this State & County in August next ensuing where he has since resided, that he is thirty four years of age ...
1827 Meigs County, OH naturalization record for William Radford

Castlemacadam, County Wicklow, Ireland is located in southeastern Ireland about 20 miles south of Dublin

County Wicklow, Ireland map

1830 arrival in Baltimore, MD of Frederick Radford and his family

On arrival in Baltimore, the Frederick Radford family included Frederick (age 30), wife Ann Carleton (age 28), and sons Isaac (age 6) and James (age 3). Daughter Sarah (born May 1830 "on the Atlantic") is not listed. The family name is listed as Bradford instead of Radford.

1830 arrival in Baltimore - Frederick Radford and Family

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William Radford and Eleanor Ashworth - references

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1819-1829 Meigs County deeds for Radford and Ashworth

 PG     DATE           GRANTOR                      GRANTEE              VOL  PG   ACRES     LOT   LOT NO COMMENTS
  2  Jul 31, 1822 Ames, Cyrus & wife          Ashworth, James              4 640    107      640        6
  5  Nov 10, 1823 Ashworth, James & wife      Ashworth, David              2  19     57      640        6
 15  Nov 24, 1819 Ashworth, Thomas            Behan, Thos.                 1 353     63      640       34
 15  Jan 15, 1828 Ashworth, Thomas & wife     Frank, John                  3 287             640        5
 15  Mar 13, 1819 Ashworth, Thos.             Fauster, Isaac               1  55    100      640       34
 63   Feb 6, 1824 Blake, Thomas               Radford, Wm.                 3 351    106      640       17
 94  Aug 12, 1828 Chase, Lewis                Radford, Wm.                 4  28      3      262       51
152   Jun 4, 1823 Foster, Isaac & wife        Ashworth, David              1 354   25.5      140        5
170   Apr 8, 1824 Guthrie, Hinman & wife      Ashworth, David              2 522     80      640       25
233  Mar 13, 1819 Hinde, Thomas & wife        Ashworth, Thos.              1  37    100      640        5
464  Mar 26, 1829 Sheriff Meigs Co.           Ashworth, Thomas             4 642
472  Jun 20, 1829 Stivers, R. Guar.           Radford, Wm.                 4  29                        4 Dillsburgh
473  Jun 25, 1829 Stivers, R. Guar.           Ashworth, Thomas             4 644                        5 Dillsburgh
508  Jul 15, 1825 United States               Ashworth, David              2 299    160      640       11 T2 R13 W 1/2 of SW 1/4

20-Sep-1859 Meigs County Telegraph - awards from the Ninth Annual Agricultural Fair of Meigs County, Ohio

Best Fat Hog       D. Radford          $4.00
2d best Fat Hog    D. Radford          $2.00

Best Yarn Carpet   Mrs. David Radford  $2.00

1883 biography of David Radford from Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia

David Radford: deceased - was a native of Ireland, born in County Wicklow, in April, 1815, who came to Meigs county, Ohio, in 1819, with his parents, William and Ellen (Ashworth) Radford. They have both ended their days in this county. In Meigs county, Ohio, November 6, 1839, David Radford was united in marriage with Theresa, daughter of Josiah and Ursula (Hicox) Rice, who settled in this county in 1803. She was born in Meigs county, May 12, 1821, and has lost her parents by death, her father's death occurring in 1870 and her mother's in 1868. Her father was born in Massachusetts, and was a veteran of the 1812 war, and her mother was a native of New York State. The children of Mr. and Mrs. David Radford were three: Sarah E., (Cummings), born August 21, 1840, lives in Bedford township, this county; Electe, November 6, 1842, lives in this township; William H., December 10, 1845, lives in Chester township. William H., served 100 days in the Ohio National Guards, during the 1861 war. December 21, 1861 [should be 1871], he married Harriet L., daughter of William and Rachel (Anderson) Smith. Her father, for many years a justice of the peace in Bedford township, this county, was born in Sussex county, New Jersey, March 22, 1798, and died in Meigs county, Ohio, February 19, 1880. Her mother was born in Greenbrier county, Virginia, in 1806, and is still living in Bedford township. William H. Radford is township trustee in Chester township, where he is largely engaged in farming. Pomeroy, Meigs county, Ohio, is his post office address.

Additional information on the Ashworth family of Chester Township, Meigs County, OH.

James Ashworth (b. 1759 d. 1844) and his wife Mary and their two sons Thomas (b 1789 d 1857) and David (b 1785 d 1846) came to the United States from County Wicklow Ireland in the summer of 1812. They lived in Elizabeth, NJ until June 1816 and then moved to Meigs Co, Ohio, eventually settling in the Flatwoods area of Chester Township.

David Radford's mother Ellen Ashworth (born about 1790) may be a younger sister to Thomas Ashworth and David Ashworth.

1892 will of Theresa Radford which names her son William H. Radford, daughters Electa Will and Sarah Cummings, and granddaughter T. Maud Will
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