I recently went to Savannah which is currently located in Georgia, thought it often moves. I must assume this because when mentioned, no one know where it was located. I only spent a day in Savannah, but there was still not enough to do.
 But there still are a few things that you should do. The first thing to do, and this is a must, is to go to Bonaventure Cemetery. Yes, a cemetery and no, I am not making this up. Possibly as many as 10 people a day come here to either drive or walk around a bunch of graves. I was one of those people. You must be thinking, ³Why is this cemetery so special?!?!?!² Well, the truth is, I donıt know, but there were signs saying, ³BONAVENTURE CEMETERY THIS WAY!!! YOU GOTTA CHECK THIS PLACE OUT.² Well, it didnıt exactly say that, but you get the idea, at least, I hope you do. Otherwise, you must be stupid. Anyway, so I figured we should go, so we did. Yippy.
 Next, you need to go to The Factors Walk, where the roads are not paved with pavement, but with cobblestone. This makes it very difficult to walk on. You are required by law to trip every 3 minutes. ³Why do you need to come here?² Well, there are a few reasons. The first is to shop, of course. That is the main reason anyone goes anywhere. You also need to go to smell the river. At least, thatıs what Iıve been told I was smelling. It smelled more like raw sewage to me. And of course, you need to go there to see the Savannah River, filled with junk, and if possibly the ickiest river I have ever seen. So you really need to go here.
 Your next stop should be Wormslow Mansion. This was a house built by Noble James Wormslow when Savannah was first being developed. All that is left, though, is rocks, or something, in the shape of blown up walls. I am not sure what the walls were made out of, though, because I did not pay attention during the video in the museum, nor did I actually go to see the ruins, but I am sure it would have been worth my $2.50 admission.
 After this, you should go to the beach. I was too afraid to actually swim in the water, because there were, get this, living fish in the water. This should be illegal, but it is obviously not. I did get my foot wet though!!! The water was very warm, warmer than my friends pool on the hottest day of the summer. I did not want to ask why it was so warm. There were also clumps of white stringy things on the sand, near the water. I decided they were fish guts, though my mother insists  it was just seaweed. After all that fun, you should go to Fort, uh, I forget the name, but it was, i think, very interesting. I didnıt go in the fort itself, which must have been mostly fake, because it was in perfect condition, and the fort, after an attack, would certainly not be in good condition. Instead, I stayed in the air-conditioned museum, as all people with the IQ of a muskrat should in Savannah, but Iım sure the fort would have been worth my $2 admission.
 Probably the most lengthy part of the trip was driving from one place to another, because they purposely put things very far apart to help gas sales. But this part of the trip was also very interesting, because the houses in Savannah are very different from where I come from, which also must move frequently, because when mentioned, no one could tell me where it was either. Anyway, we took a lot of detours to look at all the houses, which fell into two distinct categories: Big and small. Most of the houses in the two categories were the same shape, so I am not sure they were interesting, but they were.
 I am writing this during the best part of the trip: going home. When we got to the airport, we had to return our rental car. When we were answering questions to finish returning the car, a woman walked up to the woman that was helping us, and get this, and remember we were at the airport, she said, ³I have a plane to catch.² As if that made her more important than us. We were at an airport!!! Most of the people were there to catch a plane!!! That lady was insane. But we did eventually get on our plane. We then sat on the plane for an hour and a half without moving an inch from the gate, because, get this, there were problems far from where we were. I personally think this is bogus, and whoever came up with this should be shot, but that is just my opinion. But then, finally, the plane took off. This is very exciting for me, because this plane will take me far from here.