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            We are Mac® people. Recently, we have gotten the new Sim City 3000® for Mac®'s, but I couldn't get the cheat box to pop-up (you know, the box that pops up when you type some special code that gets you a lot of cool options?). On Windows®, you press ctrl-alt-shift-c, at the same time, but on Mac®'s, that doesn't work. So I started exploring, and, low and behold, I found the secret code. For Mac® Users, the code's more complex, but it works. Hold down ctrl - alt (option key) - Apple® Key (key to left of space bar) - space bar - shift - c. Then a little red box will appear in the corner. In that, type your cheat codes, then hit return. How do you get the cheat codes?

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Some of what's in store for you:

P.S. For all you "still" Sim City 2000® Mac® Users, if you didn't know the cheat code for that, which gets you lots of money, it is

Open the map window and type pirn. Click on the status window (next to the weather box) and then type topsguzzardo. Then to get more and more money is to type ardo over and over again.

This page is under construction. There is more interesting Sim stuff to come, including reviews!

Sim City 3000®: If you think Sim City 2000® is a bore, and not too advanced, you might think differently after you've played Sim City 3000®.

by Sarah Will