Volvo -> Prius Sep-2004

Volvo After over 11 years (May-1993 to Sep-2004) and over 111000 miles including 9 New England winters and 2 Blacksburg winters, we traded in the Volvo 850. We captured this close to final odometer reading as we were cruising into Charleston, WV last weekend to pickup the Prius. Blacksburg weather and parking lot conditions haven't approached the extremes we saw on the Volvo thermometer in New Hampshire (-23 and 109). It was a pleasant 61 driving into Charleston last Saturday after Ivan passed through the previous day.

Prius - Sarah Sarah has now had a little driving in all our various cars. Before we traded the Volvo, she even got a little experience with the Volvo's standard shift going up the driveway.

Prius - Sarah and Don Here's another shot of the Prius from Ellett Valley. Don holds the record right now for mpg (64) for a trip downhill from Sarah's piano lesson back to the house.