Will/Braffitt/Johnson/Cook ancestry - Person Sheet
Will/Braffitt/Johnson/Cook ancestry - Person Sheet
NameJohan Jacobi Hage
Birth21 Nov 1668, Elsenz, Baden, Germany82
Death1738, Lancaster, PA
Misc. Notes
!REFERENCE: Haga Family81, Johan Jacobi Hage Haga
!REFERENCE: Descendants of Johan Jacob Hagi82, Johan Jacob Hagi, "Jacob Hagi left Switzerland with his two sons, Hans George and Johan Jacob, traveling down the Rhine river to Rotterdam. They sailed from Rotterdam with Captain Charles Hargrave on the ship Dragon which called at Plymouth England and sailed for America from that port. They arrived in Philadelphia on September 30, 1732. There were one hundred and eighty five persons aboard the vessel. Upon the arrival in Philadelphia Johan and his son Jacob were too ill to sign the oath. This was reported. On the Captain’s list of the passengers. Hens George appeared before a public official in the court house where he repeated the British declaration, pledging allegiance to the King, thereby being naturalized."
Birth23 Feb 1666/67, Elsenz, Baden, Germany
Misc. Notes
!REFERENCE: Haga Family81, Anna Margaret Steinman
!REFERENCE: Descendants of Johan Jacob Hagi82, Anna Margaret Steinman
Marriage8 Mar 1687/88
ChildrenHans George (1695-1770)
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